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My whole left side of my throat hurts bad and my left ear , i don't?
have fever,chills body pain am just sleep and hungry and i can't eat. i have a 3month baby and a 2 yr old so i can't just go to my dr's i have to wait till my husband is off, so how can i deal with the pain for now intill i see my doc tomorrow

oh so many jokes but ill be a good little boy today


Over the counter throat spray ususaly works well.

Sara's Man
determine if it is the ear, or a tooth causing the problem. a bad or impacted tooth, or absess can cause serious pain in the throat or ear.

if it is the ear, pain relievers are about the only hope til you see a doc. It could also be a swollen gland in the throat, in which case the same rec on the ear applies. In any case, get to a doc asap.

Oh man...I do feel sorry for you. Just remember this will pass, so try to stay as positive about this as you can. Now, I just took my 17 year old son to the doctor yesterday with these same symptoms (except he had a cough and a stuffy nose also). The doctor said the ear pain was from an ear infection because of fluid pressure that had built up. Try taking a pain reliever like advil or tylenol, and then maybe something like a Benadryl just incase you have sinus pressure in your ear. My son did get some ear drops and an antibiotic. Call the pharmacist and see if there is something you can put in your ear to ease the pain that is over the counter for today.
Hang in there...

Has your ear been examined by a physician to see if it has been perforated or damaged?
If you do not nurse your baby, try a detox tea. If you can, take the kids to the library and research it yourself, or try on the internet (You must be very careful!) The detox of your system will take about a week to ten days until you feel some initial releif. With the right combination of diet, vitamins and minerals and herbs, you should feel some relief.

babygurl b
motrin (ib profin) um advil.. do you have anything like that..
milk is really soothing on a sore throath because it is thick.... also you can make some warm tea and if none of this works try some old fashion gargol with warm salt water... hope u feel better

Sounds like you have a bacterial infection. You're going to need to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Take one pill over the recommended tylenol, advil, or whatever you have to help with the pain.

Sharon M
It sounds like you have an ear infection. Other than taking some tylenol, I'm not sure there's much you can do. Try drinking some hot tea with lemon and laying down on that side. Can you get someone to look after the kids while you go?

It could be strep throat. I had it last week my throat was really sore on my right side and my ear on the same side hurt also. I went to the doctor and it was strep throat she said my ears were find but the pain in my throat will radiate upwards causing the ear eache. Go get some antibiotics.

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