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My whole body goes sore - is this normal?
Once a year, my whole body goes completely sore for a few days, usually three or four. It started when I was in 4th grade, with my legs, and I'm no in 8th. When my body goes sore, it just my muscles. Not sore like a sore throat from strep, but sore like, you decided to lift 100 pound weights on each hand and the ost you've ever lifted before was two pounds. It's so sore that I can't even turn my head a little without feeling pain. I just have to lie in bed all the time, and I wind up going through the week missing a few days of school. What's wrong with me? My mom and sister say it's probably just growing pains, but I doubt it since everybody my age and a little older have told me that that's really weird. And the soreness sets in pretty quickly, and goes away slowly. Is it really just growing pains like my mom says? Or it it some sort of crazy messed up disease?

i,m here if you need to talk.
only if you work out to much like to much exsesize,

Nancy O
Could be a virus or a form of the flu. I think it would be worth talking to a doctor about it. Ask your mom to take you to a doctor the next time this happens.

Macgyver with Crosby
See a doctor? DUH

teacher groovyGRANNY
You Lucky, lucky lucky person.
Every waking moment is like that for my daughter who has disease called Lupus. No you do NOT have it.(it develops in mostly women over 30)
I and many people like me feel like that a lot of the time because we have diabetes.
Ask your doctor for a blood sugar test if you are concerned because young people are developing diabetes at a young age in modern society.

Giovanni c
It happens to a lot of people.I believe its normal,It'll go away after
some days or weeks.

It's best to go for a thorough medical check-up...Our body is a very sensitive system and one slide glitch in its everyday flow can affect other parts as well...You better ask your mom for this check up right away cause if its not treated then it can become a long-term problem for you, in which i know it's something that you don't want to happen

Hope you'll be fine in no time and Good Luck!...

Beautiful Disaster
that doesn't sound like any growing pains i've ever heard of. you need to see a doctor. it could be a disease, or you could just have sever allergies that totally tire your immune system and make you tired/sore. it might also be the flu. although since it's reoccuring, that sounds unusual. other viruses like west nile can make you sore like that and and it can happen repeatedly. make sure your mom knows you are serious about his, that you're not just blowing it out of proportion. then she should take you to the doctor, because this DOES sound serious. don't doubt yourself when it comes to your own body! you know yourself best, and if something tells you it's wrong, then it probably is. my mom kept blowing off my panic attacks as normal teenage stress, until one day she couldn't anymore because i had seizures. don't let it go too far.

Jennifer L
Sounds like a virus or the flu. Did you have a fever too?

I'd get to a Dr and be tested for Lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis.
It's not growing pains and your Mom needs to take you seriously.
It's not normal for a kid your age to have such pain. There is a reason and the only way to find out is to see a Dr. If your Mom doesn't listen, talk to a teacher, a friend's parents...someone you think can help you...

Good luck !!! [[[ ]]]

See a chiropractor and massage therapist.

Much pain is from muscles below is an example of what may help (based on headaches).
Begin with a couple swigs of molasses or a couple of bananas daily - magnesium (which regulates many things in the body) and potassium (a needed building block for muscles).
Drink at least 1/2 gallons of water per day. Running a body low on water is like running a car low on oil is the analogy the head of neurology at UCDavis told my husband about 10 years ago.

Now to the cause - muscles - your back, neck shoulders and head have tender spots. They are knots in the fibers of the muscles called trigger points. It makes the muscles tight which makes them press on nerves and other things causing the pain.

The cure - start with a professional massage, you will also want to go back over any place you can get to 6-12 times per session up to 6 times per day rubbing (or lightly scratching on your head) every where that is tender until the knots go away. The place where the skull connects to the spine press up under the edge of the skull (to get to those muscles).

For more information read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies. It teaches what to do and where the pain comes from.

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