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My tongue kills whenever I eat salty foods?
I have noticed increasingly now that when I eat salty foods the next day, my tongue will HURT and will continue to hurt for days. It will have tiny white spots on it and especially the edges of it will be super painful. Eating anything remotely salty is becoming very painful!! Am I massively dehydrated? I can't seem to find any information on this anywhere on the net.

Maybe your tongue is really a slug???

That might be canker sores. Hope you feel better soon. :)

I knew a girl who developed white sores from eating too much salt. Maybe just lay off the salt for a while.

might have a cut, or sore did u hav a hot drink? u might have burnt it : )

neon_retro_love <3
if you've been eating a lot a lot a lot of salt lately your tongue could just be raw. Though I don't know much about dehydration, it's possible. If it doesn't go away soon and is stopping you from your normal activities then call a doctor or dentist.

you might have burned ur tongue with some hot drink. drink cool drinks and lay off the salt for about a week and u'll feel better

well i dont know about that.u might be.my suggestion is not to eat salty food and visit a doctor.their the pros not me they will help.well i hope i helped and good luck.

Go to the doctors because this sounds strange, and sounds like it is bothering you. They will know, even if the internet doesn't. Lay off boiled sweets and lollipops too! :)

ewww you have some kind of fungus or infection
that would make your tongue kill, bc salt invigorates bacteria
go see a doctor
you need special medicine

thats probably allergies. ask a doctor.

Aunt Henny Penny
Stop eating salty foods, they aren't good for you anyway.

If you have white patches on your tongue you may have thrush, which is a yeast infection in your mouth. See your doctor, who can diagnose it at a glance and perscribe a mouth rinse or dropps.

Thrush can make your mouth sore and raw.

In the mean time rinse well with listerine or a mild solution of water and baking soda. It will kill off whatever is hurting you mouth.

If you use an inhaler that can be the culprit. be sure to rinse well after you use it.

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