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My shoulders hurt because i slept the wrong way...what should i do?

advil and sleep on it right tonight

Ruthless G
I got the same problem with my neck and my shoulders..

just slightly exersice it and it will get better

This happens to me because I had rotator cuff surgery... TWICE! Make sure you do some shoulder stretches, put a warm compress on it, this will loosen up the muscle also. Watch how you are sleeping!!!!!

have a warm bath and dont sleep on your shoulder

A hot shower, some ibuprofen and gentle stretching exercises. You will be as good as new tomorrow if you do these things. The gentle stretching is the most important thing you can do.

joyce m
I use 2 little pillows and put them so I do not lay wrong

take a hot bath

make circular motions with your arm... it will stretch it out... it will hurt at first but it will help. it will work out eventually by the end of the day if this doesnt help.

try icing it......and take some ibuprophen.....

Take a pill of motrin it really works and try to flex your arm a littile bit until it gets better

Ashley H
take a hot shower and work it out, and every couple of minutes turn the water hotter, work it out more until you cant stand the heat.

Get a nice relaxing massage, and try not to sleep on the wrong side again.

tonight sleep on your back.

[ ImpaKt ] *psm
'''Ibuprofen''' is my dear friend!

Amy R
You can try some stretching, some ice and some massage.
Reach with your arms and your nech in various directions - GENTLY - and try to see which positions seem to be where things are tightest - hold and stretch those positions to attempt to get some relief. Also apply ice packs to the painful or stiff areas for 20 minutes, then take it off for 20 minutes, then re-apply the ice for 20 minutes. You can also take anti-inflammatories to help ease the discomfort.
Finally, see if you can get someone to rub your shoulders where the muscles feel tense like wires and press a little on the areas where the muscles feel wadded up in masses.
You can also gently warm up with a light aerobic routine and move the arms and shoulders gently to loosen up the muscles - but mostly use stretches.

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