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Tre B
My right ear and right side of throat REALLY hurt.....anything to help?
i dont have a fever btw

Do you really need someone to hold your hand and tell you to go see an EAR, NOSE, AND THROAT doctor?

motrin and a doctor's appointment

could be strep...could be an ear infection...could be a sinus infection...could be a tooth infection...could be tosilitis...
see a DR...(you can probably take something for the pain...warm olive oil in your ear won't hurt and might make it feel better.)

take some Motrin
It reduces inflammation
You may have an ear infection
You could also try putting some hydrogen peroxide in your ear for 15 minutes or until it stops bubbling.
You could have impacted wax.

you need a throat culture asap. If you can see an ent that is best

Lots of liquids, some ibuprofen and make a doctors appointment for a throat culture to rule out strep.

Believe it or not turn your blow dryer on the low warm, not hot cycle and blow it past the effected ear. If this gives you any relief no matter how little or temporary. It indicates a full blow ear infection. Now I'm presuming that your following my advice since your the one that asked for it. And that you do indeed Have a full blow infection. Here is what you do. Put down the beer/wine/and-or other control substances you may have been ingesting in an attempt to feel better. Locate the Vick's formula 44 chest rub that your mother always insisted be kept in the medicine cabinet and you thought was worthless. If there if a good cough medicine in there that is not out of code bring that to the kitchen table as well. Don't forget the cotton balls. Wash your hands with soap and water and dry them with a clean cloth. open the vick's chest rub and place a small dab on a clean cotton ball and place in the out portion of the effected ear. The warming action will help to take some of the pain away just like the blow dryer did. If you are the only driver take 1/2 of the recomended dosage of the cough syrup to sooth the pain in your throat, if you have some one to drive for you take the full dosage. Now that the pain is somewhat under control drive or get someone to drive you to the local equivalent of an urgi-care and get a real doctor to look in your ear and throat. Chances are you require an antihistime and an antibiotic. Next time don't wait so long and call your personal physician at his/her office and save both the money and the embarrassment.

My best friend has the same thing. We were talking about it last night.

She has an ear infection and is on antibiotics for it.
The pain actually radiates down into her throat too but she has a low grade fever.

I'm guessing, if you don't have it looked at in time, you'll have a fever too.

Doctors say that taking a blow dryer and blowing hot air into your ear will ease the pain until you can get a doctor's help.

You need to see your doctor.

I hope you get better soon! That's terrible.

Try this!
Pinch your nose closed and blow like you are blowing your nose. If your ear tube is closed it will make it open. That might releive the pressure or pain. Vicks Vapor Rub is my best friend...Rub Vicks behind your ear and down your neck and throat. This stuff will loosen the congestion. Good luck. I also recommend a hot shower, a cup of hot cocoa, and chloroseptic spray and lozenges. All friends of mine!!! But I'll share with you.

Sounds like an ear infection. I have an old fashioned remedy that I promise you works wonders.
Simmer 4 ounces peeled sliced ginger root (find it in the produce section of the supermarket) with two cloves of fresh peeled and chopped garlic, and the white part of a mexican or sweet onion (this looks like a bundle of giant chives) and 4 cups of water for 15 minutes. Cool a little and strain. Drink the broth. It tastes gross. Don't add sugar- sugar slows healing. There is something in this that really cures illness- it's been around forever. Also gargle salted (sea salt NOT EVER Morton's iodized salt- all the nutrients have been processed out- sea salt has lots of healthy mineral)warm water as often as you can - this helps fight infection. Good luck and feel better.

take two asprin and see your doctor tomorrow...you got a ear/throat infection by the sounds of it...if you got earache...get some warm olive oil about a teaspoon full and pour it in your ear..and put cotton wool to plug it

Reva P
A doctor.

it could be strep. try gargling salt water, take some Advil or Tylenol for the pain and try to get plenty of fluids. that should help the pain in your throat.
sometimes if you can find someone to blow smoke in your ear or apply a little bit of heat that will help with ear aches.
FYI it is actually possible to have strep without running a fever (or at least without realizing you're running a temp)
if it doesn't start feeling better by tomorrow (Friday) I'd try to get in to see a doctor just to rule out an infection, especially so you don't have to worry about going to the ER if you start feeling worse over the weekend.

Angel A
Could be a lot of things......... ear infection.. strep throat.. sinsus issues.

For the ear.. try a very warm dry compress. Heat tends to make the ear feel better.

For the throat.. throat lozenger, cold medicine for the throat. Or you can try a cup of tea, but be sure to put honey in it.. it'll coat the throat and help it not be so 'scratchy'.

If it persists.. see an MD for possible infection.

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