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Dan Y
My pharmacy wont refill my RX early, they say it's too early for insurance to cover it, I need it, what do I ?
I recently got a RX filled on the 10th of this month, it was for a 30 day supply. I just ran out like yesterday. I had to take 1 more pill than what the doctor wrote it for. My doctor called in a refill, but the pharmacy is refusing to fill it, they say it's too early. What can I do? I need my meds. I have a anxiety disorder.

Try another pharmacy.

Ask for a "vacation prescription". Most insurance companies will pay for an occasional extra script if you are going on vacation.

Well, you can't go to another pharmacy, (like in the "OLD DAYS"), because they're all tied in together via computers so...
about the only thing I can think of is to have your doctor call the pharmacy PERSONALLY! That's it!

go to your doctor explain u had to take an extra pill for it to work with ur body type and he can call the pharmacy for u to get a refill with a better presciption :)

call your insurance and ask for an early refill release. if its a medication that can be refilled early they will put it in the system and when you got back to the pharmacy it will process through.

If you show a history of getting early refills or it is a medication the insurance plan needs permission to override, you must have your dr call your insurance plan to ok an early fill or pay for it full price so it wont be charged against your insurance.

if you really need it you can pay for it out of your pocket. The insurance plan cant stop you from getting a prescription if its not being charged to your insurance

Pay cash for the number you need to get to your next refill date. Make sure of the exact number so you don't pay for too many. It could be expensive depending on what kind of medication it is.

Something else has to be wrong. If it's not a controlled substance (like narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and anabolic steroids) then they will refill them up to four days early. If it's in one of the above mentioned classes, they will only refill it on the exact day that the law allows no matter how many pharmacies you go to.

Also, for the above listed controlled substance, paying cash won't help, they simply will not refill them until the law allows them. With computers today, pharmacies can "see" when the last prescription was filled, regardless or the pharmacy.

terrified by spiders
Can't they let you have one or two to get you past this time delay. They should not charge you excessively for it, either.

Your doctor should have called your insurer with a change in dosage, and called the pharmacy to add whatever number you need to make the next "authorized" refill date. It's a shame that some executive can make a medical decision without benefit of having to get a license to practice medicine.

You should get a new prescription for a high dose. If it is an insurance company issue, than it will be refused at every pharmacy. Since it is probably a controlled drug, you can only transfer it once. You can always pay for it yourself.

Lady Sapphire
Your doctor will need to explain the change in dosage to the pharmacy and let them know when it began. Your doctor may also be able to offer you samples if that doesn't work.

either you pay out of pocket OR wait until the insurance kicks in and pays for it...thats all you can do...

its not the pharmacy's fault...its your insurance...

if you are taking more than prescribed you need a new prescription and the insurance has to document it has a "change of dosage"....

however......if the medication IS for a controlled substance the pharmacy will NOT let you pay for it without insurance until the MD authorizes it...

First, did you tell your doctor that you need a higher dose? Did the doctor call in to the pharmacy with a prescription that is written for a higher dose?

If the prescription the doctor called in to the pharmacy is for the higher dose, the pharmacy may be able to override the insurance because it is a dose change.

If you failed to tell your doctor that you need 1 more pill a day and/or the doctor wrote for the exact same dose as before, your insurance company won't pay for it.

In some cases, the pharmacist can't do anything anyway. The insurance company just puts their foot down and refuses to pay for a new round of medication before it is due, dose increase or not. This is especially true in cases where you are getting a controlled medication, such as Xanax, the brand name for Alprazolam. They don't know if you actually need the increase treatment-wise or if you are just getting addicted to it. Again, you need to work with your doctor.

As for paying cash, again, if this is a controlled substance, and the new prescription is not written for a dose change, the pharmacy won't allow you to pay out-of-pocket either.

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