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 I have injured my shoulder. The pain med doesn't work well at night.?
How do I sleep with the pain? I can't take Benedryl, "PM's", or sleeping pills. L-Tryptophan doesn't work....

 What is the best thing to for lower back pain?

Can someone help me please with a good cure? I'm so sick....

 Pain In the left side?
I have been having this pain in my left side and it hurts really bad i also have a gastric pacemaker but it is on theRight side but the leads are on the left side. It is right under my rib cage . It ...

 I have a terrible headache at the bottom of my head and my ear has started to bleed. What does that mean?

 Is there a way to get a shot without it being painful?

 How do you relieve lower back pain?
This morning I was weight lifting doing clean pulls from the floor and after the 2nd set my lower back had some splitting pain.
Additional Details
It Hurts when I bend it. Lower back ...

 I've been having pain in my wrist, what supplement would you recommend?
When ever I workout my arm I get a sharp pain in my wrist. I know most weightlifters have this problem at one point in their life. What supplement can improve joints?...

 What to do for migraines?
I have suffered with migraines for years. I am tired of having to dope myslef up, or lay in a quiet darkened room for relief. Is there anything else I can do for them? Anyway to prevent them?

 Getting Ears Pierced, Will it hurt?
Im getting my ears pierced for the first time on saturday (im 16). I have NO CLUE! how much it will hurt!! is there any numbing things that you guys have used that will make it less painful? And i ...

 How do i get rid of that pain in my chest and throat after i swallow a pill?
after a swallow a pill i sometimes get a pain in my chest and throat and it feels like the pill is still there, it hurts and swallowing water or eating doesnt work

any ideas? i cant ...

 Weird girly question.?
my right nipple is realllly sensitive and idk why. If i leave it alone i dont notice it but sometimes i will rub against something and it hurts i guess. Its not on the outside, like i was wearing ...

 It Hurts A LOT!! Could I Of Hurt It?
I help my mom at her work, 1-2 times a week now, but I used to do it more during the summer. It's picking things up, putting things down and stuff. Could It just be doing that over and over ...

 Is the gardasil shot the most painful shot ever?
How bad does it hurt? I have heard that it is one of the most painful shots you can get, is this really true? Where does it hurt the least your arm, leg, or butt? Please help me im really scared and I...

 Bad headache when I stand up?
So my head began to hurt a couple days ago (Wednesday). It hurts when I lay my head down on a pillow, and the back of my head throbs with pain when I sit up or stand. The next day (Thursday), I still ...

 Why is my back so sore?
every time i move my back hurts beside my shoulder or undere ...

 How do you get rid of a fobia?
my husband has a big big fobia with bananas, he wont even touch them when they are in a bag and this is very annouying when we go ...

 What can i take to get rid of my headache?
i've already had ...

 What do you recommend for a very sore throat?

 What is wrong with me? I am in constant pain. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?
I have had a constant headache for 2 weeks (and I don't have a history of them). The pain is concentrated on the left side of my head (over my temple and eye and radiating to the back). This ...

My neck just popped and now i have a strange sensation all over my head and neck and i feel lightheaded.?
what happened? will it go away soon? i can't really hold my head up straight for too long

You have broken your neck and will die before morning. Sorry.

To be on the safe side, the best thing is to see a doctor right now. I think maybe you are going to get sick due to this kind of
wheather. Take care.

Relax by laying down and it will soon go. Good luck

Go lay down on the floor until you feel better. That is what I would do. :-))

See Your Doctor ASAP, do you have someone to drive you to the hospital?

Mommy's Angel Ari
umm...Try laying down..

dulla mae
first of all i would like to tell some of the people that write in to answer your questions and others,how they can be so mean and thougtless.if they can't write something desent that shouldn't write at all, and you know who you are......now to your guestion it maybe a tied muscle that popped that could make you feel dizzy for awhile. when i go to the ciropractor for adjustment,that's what i go for.mine usually don't pop and if i don't go to the dr. when my neck starts to ache i will get a headache which is no fun.if it's not gone by tomorrow think about going yo the ciropractor. good luck

it will go away soon

Uh oh... the acid flashbacks are coming soon.

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