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My mom just burned her hand on a hot pot handle!!! how do we help it stop throbbing??
she says it hurts alot and shes been running it under cold water for 20 minutes what can we do to keep it from throbbing when its out of the water??
Additional Details
is there a home remedy or something??

emu oil - or goose fat - applied and drinking tea of sage
1 table spoon sage pour 1 ltr water over it
add two table spoons honey - drink

Kiss My Shaz
Aspirin. And lavendar essential oil if you have any.

get aveno

Soak it in vinegar... the vinegar will cool it and nuetralize the burning sensation.

Burns hurt badly when you allow air to get to them. I keep bottled pure aloe vera gel from the health food store in the fridge at all times, and if I burn myself, I wet a paper towel with it and use it as a bandage. It actually sticks to you and itself, and you can use it on a large area like a sunburn. DON'T let it dry out!

If you don't have aloe, try wrapping it in a paper towel with plain water until you can get some. I've never done it, but it seems logical that it will be ok if you keep the air off. The aloe will help it heal more quickly though, maybe someone can go to the store and get her some. They sell pure aloe in supermarkets now. Good luck.

Happy Holidays!

Cover it with something soft like a bandage. Burns hurt worse when they are exposed to the air. Something soothing like aloe vera cream would help too.

Well the best thing to do is run cold water for awhile, don't put grease, or toothpaste on it, she doesn't want the heat to get trap in her skin, that would leave a large blister. Or just get a bag of ice and let it sit on her skin for atleast 30-45 minutes. If that doesn't work, sorry I really don't know what to say.

get some leaves from the aloe plant. they resemble fleshy spikes. slice them open and rub the juice directly on the burn. This will stop the pain and start the healing.
This is what the basis for the aloe vera lotions and ointments are derives from but nothing is better than the real thing.

Lynn F
If you have aloe, put a bunch of it on there and let it absorb in, keep repeating the application as needed. If you don't have burn ointment, there are some other things you can apply. Cortizone cream or some anti-itch creams will act as a pain reliever. I'm not joking when I say this, but Preparation H will help with pain relief and drawing the inflammation away. Running cool water over the area will also reduce the pain and stop the burn from going deeper. If there are blisters, try not to break them as they can become infected very easily.. She will probably need to keep it bandaged with ointment and gauze for a few days.. be as helpful as you can for her, especially with rinsing and washing dishes and however you can. Hope she's soon feeling better..

Elna W
Ice pack. The first aid kind that you can shape.

Constance B
the only thing to do is keep ice on it.

bart man™
put ice on it this will help

Ice Ice babY!

Keep ice on it! Do not use any fat or butter etc.!!! It's going to throbb, no matter what you do, possibly for a couple days depending on how bad it is. I'm sorry, I hope she is feeling better soon.

Just keep her hand in cold water to ease the throbbing and give her some Advil to reduce inflammation. Do NOT put anything else on it, as it will most likely make the burn worse. Especially do not use butter or fat or lotion. This holds the heat in. Also, don't use ice for more than 15 minutes at a time. Otherwise, it will damage the skin.

If it continues to have a burning sensation or if the pain is unbearable, take her to the ER. They can give her some stronger pain meds there and also put some Silvadine ointment created especially for burns. It's only available by prescription.

Burns can be extremely painful......I'm sorry this happened right at Christmas. Good luck.

Just Wondering
Get a big bowl with cold ice water and have her soak her entire hand underneath the water for 15-20 minutes... That should work. She may keep doing this for the first night, dipping in water and ice for 20 minutes , then out of the water for an hour, then back in again.Do this as many times as you can.... Don't be surprised if you see a blister of mark left on her hand.....

put burn gel on it

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