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My lower back hurts so bad... I need help?
I'm 16, and my lower back hurts. I don't know if it's because of the muscles or the spinal cord. I spend a lot of time working with my computer, so maybe it's because of sitting down I think. What should I do?

Brooklyn W
dude go to the masssage person that would help

strech you back if that don't work a chiropracter

stretch your back and try some myo flex it works

could be a pinched nerve, I recently had one like that because I sit alot at a computer all day at work and went to the chiropractor and was told I couldnt sit for a week, had to just lay down. Had to stand to eat. You have to be really careful with those lower back pains, they can be serious.

sheri o
so do i.i ask for a mri they can detect e=wether it is a spasm or strain ,or even spinal injury

Mark H
Hello mate. Ive had the problem for a few years. It sounds like crap but honestly use anything to keep your back straight when you sit down, Slumping in the sofa is the worst thing. When your out and about do as much upper body movement as you can, looking like a tit can be a problem, but movement will sort the problem. Try yoga?? i think its gay, but for the body its great. Understand im from the UK, so forgive any wrong advice. But doing anything outside the sofa is a massive bonus. Try it!!!!

Chas B
try this link

Fiona Y
I am having physiotherapy for lower back pain caused by very bad posture and sitting at a desk for too long in the wrong position. See your doctor - ibuprofen and heat treament may help in the short term but you will need physiotherapy to teach you to sit, stand and walk properly. If you can find a Pilates class then that will really help, but see your doctor to rule out any other problems.

Take Tylenol. If this doesn't work, get to a doctor, it could be something more serious.

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