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rachel_gary M
My left leg has been hurting for 2 weeks now..what could be causing this?
I was on my way home from my in-laws house when my left leg started killing me. The pain goes all the way from my joint to my ankle all the way around my leg I have no clue what is going on it hurts when I sit or stand and even if I walk it is a constant pain it lets up some when I lay down but only if I am completely flat..I dont know whats going on I am begining to think it maybe something serious but I dont want to jump the gun..Would be grateful for all and any suggestions

sounds like the same thing i had last year. i went to a chiropractor. he told me it was my sciatic nerve. thats the nerve in your lower back. once you hurt that your whole let hurts. he did some adjustments. now im brand new. hope this helps

Maxine H
It could be anything from arthritis to blood clots. You should certainly see a doctor before it gets worse for you. Lts of luck

Im not sure what it could be but u should really consider going to the doctors to get it checked out before it gets worse

~ Hope your leg feels better!

a baby
most likely it is arthritis if you are old enough or

you could have cracked a bone and when that happens the doctor can't do anything because it is not broken

I would say you might have a pinched nerve. Go see a doctor to get it worked out.

♥Cutie Patootie!♥
growing pains...possibly.or could've done something to it.
if it persists go to a doctor.

The easiest solution I can think of is that your calve is very tight. The only way to solve that would be to stretch it out and usually the only way to learn stretches that will help is through physical therapy. I'm a dancer and I've got a friend who had something like this, physical therapy really helped.

I would think if it has been going on for two weeks it is defintally serious. Most non-serious issues (ex: a simple sprain or just a sore muscle) go away in less then a week. Visit a doctor and see what happens!

Might be something very serious, might be a spine thing.
If it's a blood clot you may be in grave danger.

Most likely a sprain angle, and in a sprain angle you can hurt like your description, and you may or may not have swelling, But you do need to get off your feet for a few days.

Alternatively, you could have a twisted ligament, in that case you will also see swelling in a two to three days.

See a doctor in either case is a good idea, because he or she might gives you some pain killer to ease your pain, and a cast or some stabilizing apparatus to hold your angle in place to avoid further agitation.

And believe me, further agitation could make you hurt even more, and make it harder for your body to heal itself .

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