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My left eye hurts, what should i do?
i have no idea if its allergies or i need glasses, help me

Guillermo E.
go to the doctor :)

rub it...
make an appointment with the eye doctor if it continues over the next few days.

navI =]
put some cold ice on it, check for any redness or any allergic reactions might just be dust that penatrates the cornia mixing with the liquids in side your eye causing irritation.

for delecate thing like eyes u should not take it easy and consult the doctor immediately as here in the forum its difficult to answer the question without seeing it

can you elaborate on the pain? What's causing it? do you rub your eyes? is it turning red? the question is too vague and will only receive an answer like "go to the eye clinic or your doctor".

i would say go to an eye doctor but in the mean time just get some eye drops. i use bausch & lomb Opcon-A and they work really well for my eye irritation. and they work better if you store them in the fridge. (i know it sounds weird but it help)

it's either eye strain or allergies, have some rest

Is it strained? Is it sore? Or does it feel like something's poking it?

Strained means possibly you need glasses.
Sore; you need to rest them.
Poking; rinse your eye out.

If it's not one of those, try taking an ibuprofen (Not aspirin)

~*~ Assassina ~*~
Maybe you've been on the computer too long. that's what happens to me. Every 2 hours that i'm staring at a screen (comp or tv) I stop and give my eyes a break for 2 minutes. Also, being over tired or not getting enough sleep can make your eyes hurt. This isn't a vision problem unless the pain as lasted a while. If this is a one time thing or it goes away after a few minutes, than it's probably nothing to worry about.

Stick a fork in your right eye.
Your left eye won't hurt as bad.

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