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Tom Grim
My left ear hurts - why?
So my left ear has hurt all day. It mostly hurts when I move my head. It kind of feels like my ear is popping, or I've got water logged in it, but I haven't been swimming in about a week. Ideas of what's going on?


ear infection possibly.
check it out with the doctor to make sure its nothing too serious.

Mikey G
hop up and down on your left foot and when you've done that for a while have someone blow in your ear. It seriously work. If not you may need to see a doc for help. Happened to me before but the water eventually came out. good luck. :)

There are many things that can go wrong. I would get a doctor to look internally inside your ear to see if anything is wrong physically then describe the pain your having to scope out the problem. If you are having hearing lost please check out an audiologist.

drainage possibly
an infection


ms P
My Dr. told me to hold my nose closed with my fingers and blow out. Do this several times if you have to. It should open both ears, if not it could be sinus. Try some allergy pills like benadryl Also I get water in my ears often in the shower and I use a product called Swimners ear. This helps but not always immediately. Take asprin or similar product for the pain. If all else fails and it gets worse see your Dr. as it could be infected ear or infected sinuses.

sounds like you do have water in your ear.. maybe from the shower. you might just have an ear infection. but then your equilibrium would be off. chances are with allergy season in full force you have some serious drainage of ear wax which is sometimes caused by allergies congestion etc. best bet is to see the doc

Emmanuel M
It is the the ear drum that is the cause of your hurt ,you caught a cold in your ear,you need drops to clear the pain

maybe ear infection, swimmers ear or whatever its called.

Have you cleaned your ears lately?
Have you had headaches/been sick?

It could be mucus, or simply water from your shower this morning. It could also be a very bad fluid that you don't want up there!

You probably have an ear infection. It hurts inside? Buy some OTC Ear Infection Drops.

drainage possibly

Claudia M
Sounds like you have an ear infection. You should go to the doctor they can give you antibiotics or drops for your ears.

maybe you got a small pimple in it. It's already happened to somebody i know it was really painful.

probable ear infection.

it still could be swimmer's ear eventhough you haven't swam in a week. sometimes symptoms can take a while to show in some people.

I'd make an appt within the next 24 hours to see your dr. if you don't have a dr then go to the nearest urgent care or emergency room. you'll need antibiotics to treat the infection.

In the meantime, you can put 1-2 drops of rubbing alcohol in your ear and plug it with a cotton ball. this will help get any water trapped behind your eardrum out.

you can also use a heating pad (make sure it's not directly touching your skin to avoid burns) for 15-20 mins at a time to help with pain. Do NOT sleep with it-this is a fire hazard and can cause severe burns.

if not allergic, take ibuprofen for pain. 200-400mg every 6 hours as needed but no more than 1200mg in 24 hours. you can also take tylenol-same dosage.

hope this helps!!

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