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 My mom has pain in her hand and foot!??!!?
Please, what's happening. . .she said it might be a signs that a heart attack will come and I don't know what to do!? She says the pain feels like a strain, but it's tingling and it ...

 Warm sensation with aching in calf?
This just happened around lunch time today. I was driving and I thought the heater was really heating up my leg, however, I am not in the car anymore and the outer part of my calf is on fire and ...

 Sometimes I get a pain across the top of my back and down my arms, my hands sometimes go numb.?
It last less than a minute. Am I having a heart problem or could it be a pinched nerve in my neck....

 Will hydrocode show up on test?
Let me rephrase, i asked the question before but got slammed . What i am asking is, i am getting a new job, and i have had the same one for 18 years so this is new to me. I have to take a urinalysis ...

 What should I do to releive eye pain?
My eyes sometimes sting and have pain due to doing alot of computer. But sometimes I have to do it, as its part of my job. What should i do to take away the pain. There is a screen for the comp and i ...

 Can I have "sciatic nerve" even though I'm not pregnant?
That may seem dumb. But I've looked into it and it sounds like exactly the same pain i'm having. The only problem is everyone who's had it just about, has had it because of pregnancy. I...

 Was I kept alive for a purpose?
The other night, I felt so depressed. I felt alone, unlovable, unloved, betrayed. I walked 30 minutes in the wintery snow storm. I went to the store and bought a nightie, some chocolates in a heart ...

 I have a friend that takes four Tylenol pms At Once?
does it hurt you? i havnt tryed i was just wondering....

 Badly chapped lips...alternative to chapstick?
For the last couple of days my lips have been very sore and dry, and it hurts to move them when they've been closed for a while. I appear to have lost my Carmex and it will probably be a couple ...

 What is the best way to help a 6 yr old with severe constipation?
He has seen dr.'s since being toilet trained and has had problems since then. Usually 2-3 days between bm's and sometimes more. Problems arise when it is longer. Any sure fire home remedies ...

 Why do I feel pain when i finish urniating. It doesnt burn but feels like i have to go again.?
I have no problems urniating, but it feels like I have to keep going. I guess best described as when you know you have to go but you hold it because you're not near a restroom. Please ...

 What is the best way to treat a tension headache?
This morning I woke up with a very bad headache, even though I had taken Aleve five hours ago. I had pain in my neck, shoulders and temples, as well as a little nausea. Is there anything better than A...

 Should you go to the emergency room for sharp upper abdominal pains?
I started having sharp stabbing pains yesterday morning. I've been debating whether or not to go to the emergency room. The pain is in my upper abdomen, right above my belly button. It's ...

 Is magnesium good for leg cramps?
i am having strong leg cramps. Is magnesium good for ...

 How to relieve female back pain and posture?
I took a dance class and the teacher kept telling me to straighten my back everytime I had to revele (position similiar to walking on your tiptoes). She told me that when I straightened my back I ...

 What can i give my cat for pain that i can purchase over the counter?

 I have an ache under my left shoulder blade, I think it's stress related. Any ideas on relif without massage?

 Anyone know of any good at home remedies for migraines?
I have chronic problems and my doctor usually sends me to the hospital but I have noone to take me today. Thanks for your help....

 My siatic nerve is killing me, and suggestions on how to make it better?
I went to the chiropractor, and im going again today. This is the second time I have had this problem. The pain shoots down my right leg when sitting or driving, and sometimes laying down. Its so ...

 My daughter is almost 28 weeks pregnant and has bad Migrane headaches, she takes 3 extra strength tylenol?
Dr's orders, how can she get some relief?? Also, is this dangerous when she goes into labor?? Worried Mother....

My knee makes a popping sound when I do squats?
It doesn't really hurt, sometimes its a little sore later that day, but usually its just an awkward uncomfortable feeling...what is the reason? Am i injuring myself in a way I shouldn't be? What should i do??

Your not going to die...its normal

Anastasia M
me too! i dont know ive been squating for a while and nothing has happened to me. but we might be hurting ourselves. :/

Daniel A
Couple issues that need your attention:
1) you probably need to pay attention to your form. When lowering the weight if your back is not generally straight it can place unneccasy strain on your joints and ligiments
2) your knees are probably being forced by gravity to move towards your center. This tends to happen when lifting heavy weight.

Though I'm not a doctor and not playing one here, I would recommend seeing your doctor with these concerns; as well as, lowering the amount of weight you use and focus on your form.

those are your ligaments poppin...

to avoid this...

approach squatting in a slower matter...

hope this helps!


What is ^ with you and your body probelms? R u like special ED or retarded or something cuz you have like 400 something questions. Seriously get a life. Its a little sad jeez.

it means you need to walk and exercise more.
this happens to me too.

Dogz La oWNza;'s
knee caps

Apply Mahanarayana Oil.

Yay, Stickboy!
It's normal. If it doesn't hurt or hinder your motion then it's not a problem.

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