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My jaw becomes swollen about once a month and it is very painful when I eat, talk etc; what could this be?
Jaw swells on the left side of my face about once a month

La-z Ike
had the same trouble when i was in the usn. they treated for lympn nodes. the swelling was on the lower side of the jaw.

If you don't have your wisdom teeth, that would be my first guess. My second guess would be an abcess. The only other thing I have heard of that caused something like that was an untreated sinus infection pressing on the root nerves.

Michael S
Lock jaw!

Sounds like it may be an abcessed tooth. See a Dentist.


rotting teeth or wisdom teeth

I have no idea. Have you been to a doctor? This sounds like you need to see one.

could be a condition called tmj. its a long word. do you grind your teeth at night. check out webmd website

Ellen J
Sounds like your appointment with the dentist is long past due. Make an appointment and tell him all your symptoms. If it doesn't have anything to do with your teeth or jaw then he'll tell you to see a doctor.

TMJ! I have the same thing, I get migraines on one side of my head and my jaw and ear hurts all the time. Go to a dentist. Maybe he can help find some relief. I just take motrin when it gets to tough to bear.

You are probably grinding your teeth in the night while you sleep. This is leading to TMJ, which swells up the jaw joint.

For some reason, maybe your teeth fit poorly on the left, your left side is more afflicted than your right.

Take an aleve, and try to regulate your stress so you don't absent mindedly grind your teeth while you sleep.(also called Bruxing...)

If it is a real problem, a night guard can be purchased. It is much like a football player's mouthguard to protect his teeth while playing.

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