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My head has been hurting for four days?
I have been getting headaches for four days and I never have them. I also go to sleep at 10:30 and sleep all night and then wake up at 6:30 and feel like I haven't slept. I woke up one morning and almost threw up and my eyes are puffy. I was in an accident about a month ago and my back and neck hurt sometimes, but there's nothing really official that they are actually in a bad state. Whats wrong with me? (I'm still a virgin so I'm not pregnant)

sound slike early signs of the flu or you're way tense without even realizing it and causing this pain by being so tense and stressed

You need to go straight to either your family physician or to the emergency room. Since you have recently been in an automobile accident it is possible that you have an injury that is just now showing up. Please do not play around with not getting this seen to immediately. There is so many things that could be the cause. Several could be life threatening. So, Please get there now! I hope you get your right answers from a professional instead of waiting on our unprofessional answers. best of news and luck to you.

Loreen W
sounds like a migraine to me i get them alot i have to take imitrex for mine they have pills nasal sprays and injections i find the injections to work best
you could also try head-on for migraines this sometimes helps mine before they get real bad

~Ta Da~
You shouldn't be asking this on yahoo, you should be asking a DOCTOR.

Go to the doctor.

alan c
You could be suffering from something called post traumatic stress syndrome. This usually occurs after an accident. Make an appointmet with your doctor to make sure everything is ok. Hope all turns out well. Good luck.

; )

You should go see the doctor and get it checked. My sister had her head hurting and throw up. Her head was hurting for several weeks and she told me about it and said it is just a severe headache. When she was home alone, my other sister found her unconscious on the floor. She was in a coma. We found out that she had artery in the brain that was blocked and then it popped. She was bloody in her head. She had AVM. She was hospitalized for more than a month. Very few people survive it. But she still alive and well so I thank god for it. GET IT CHECKED.

Maybe your room needs a humidifier and you may need to check the furnace filter to see if it needs replacement. Dry air can cause sinus problems that can make headaches.Of course if it is something else you need to check with the doctor

Get to a doctor and get tested for meningitis. I had the worst headache of my life and after 5 days I dragged myself to the Dr. where it was discovered I had viral meningitis. Don't wait.

Baby *****
:O i had headache for a wk n it never went till i was jus goin out the door to doctors n it went lol

random it rele was lol

i tink u have jus gt the flu

Medicine Woman
Sounds like some of the vertebra in your neck could be out of line (mine got that way from a car accident). I went to a chiropractor who re-aligned me and the headaches stopped after about a day, it could take 2 days or more depending on how much re-aligning you need. You could be waking up at night and not remembering it, that could be why your eyes are puffy. I would see a chiropractor or a DO (I think they are best) . DO's can give you medical advice and medication but a chiropractor can't. Make an appointment today.

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