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 What can be done to alleviate Leg Pains?
What can cause me to have sharp pains down the back side of my leg from the thigh down to the foot and what can i do to help ease the pain??

Thank You for your answers and ...

 A TENS machine for back pain. R they any good ?

Additional Details
All good answers THANK YOU...

i had my headache for about three months now why isnt it going away.my headache isnt that severe when i play outside i cant feel the pain,but if i dont do anything itll start hurting again.is there ...

 Can anyone tell me how they deal with multi cluster headaches on a daily basis for months straight?
imitrex, fioricet, cafergot, all DONT WORK!!!
Additional Details
ok i said these expensisve medications dont work so why be so dumb t say advil?? u dont think i tried that 1st. some of ...

 Pain in left breast?
Hi, does anyone know what this could be, i have a very sharp pain in the left side of my breast, ( top of breast) the pain goes down the left side of my neck and left arm, it lasts for approx 30 secs ...

 I have injured my shoulder. The pain med doesn't work well at night.?
How do I sleep with the pain? I can't take Benedryl, "PM's", or sleeping pills. L-Tryptophan doesn't work....

 What is the best thing to for lower back pain?

Can someone help me please with a good cure? I'm so sick....

 Pain In the left side?
I have been having this pain in my left side and it hurts really bad i also have a gastric pacemaker but it is on theRight side but the leads are on the left side. It is right under my rib cage . It ...

 I have a terrible headache at the bottom of my head and my ear has started to bleed. What does that mean?

 Is there a way to get a shot without it being painful?

 How do you relieve lower back pain?
This morning I was weight lifting doing clean pulls from the floor and after the 2nd set my lower back had some splitting pain.
Additional Details
It Hurts when I bend it. Lower back ...

 I've been having pain in my wrist, what supplement would you recommend?
When ever I workout my arm I get a sharp pain in my wrist. I know most weightlifters have this problem at one point in their life. What supplement can improve joints?...

 What to do for migraines?
I have suffered with migraines for years. I am tired of having to dope myslef up, or lay in a quiet darkened room for relief. Is there anything else I can do for them? Anyway to prevent them?

 Getting Ears Pierced, Will it hurt?
Im getting my ears pierced for the first time on saturday (im 16). I have NO CLUE! how much it will hurt!! is there any numbing things that you guys have used that will make it less painful? And i ...

 How do i get rid of that pain in my chest and throat after i swallow a pill?
after a swallow a pill i sometimes get a pain in my chest and throat and it feels like the pill is still there, it hurts and swallowing water or eating doesnt work

any ideas? i cant ...

 Weird girly question.?
my right nipple is realllly sensitive and idk why. If i leave it alone i dont notice it but sometimes i will rub against something and it hurts i guess. Its not on the outside, like i was wearing ...

 It Hurts A LOT!! Could I Of Hurt It?
I help my mom at her work, 1-2 times a week now, but I used to do it more during the summer. It's picking things up, putting things down and stuff. Could It just be doing that over and over ...

 Is the gardasil shot the most painful shot ever?
How bad does it hurt? I have heard that it is one of the most painful shots you can get, is this really true? Where does it hurt the least your arm, leg, or butt? Please help me im really scared and I...

 Bad headache when I stand up?
So my head began to hurt a couple days ago (Wednesday). It hurts when I lay my head down on a pillow, and the back of my head throbs with pain when I sit up or stand. The next day (Thursday), I still ...

My friend gave me a massage a week ago and it still hurts a lot?
Will the pain go away or should I seek professional help? Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process?

May Y
You need professional help!Firstly,u may c communicate with spa enthusiasts around the world via online chat, forum and IM.The site PubSpa.com is OK!PubSpa.com is the online community exclusively for people interested in massage therapy, spa treatment, beauty care, etc.

It depends where the pain is. A massage can be a dangerous thing if done by somebody not qualified. It might be a good idea to see your doctor just in case. I doubt very much that you have any serious aftermath after this length of time, but a young Australian girl is now paralized from the neck down because of a deep massage at the top of the spine which burst a blood vessel and caused a clot in her brain. Please be very careful about massages.

David L
A week does seem like a long time. I think that it would be sensible to see your doctor.

Dream Maker
I suffer from severe scoliosis and my doc said not to EVER let anyone that is not a professional touch my back! There are many different massages, she probably did a deep massage which will hUrt according to ur back problem. I have a light or medium massage at physical therapy twice a week and it never hurts!!!!!!!!!! Yes, bathe in Epsom salts and do hot showers.............stretching and if i were u i would just go to a spine specialist to see what the problem is if u r in that bad of pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the pain will go away by itself. every time you ge a massage at long intervals this happens. it feels just like exerting your body when not used to exercise. do not worry.

mialove ♥
Hot/Cold patches are a great, cheap way to relieve pain. But if you want to spring for a really amazing (and long-lasting) remedy, i suggest a SHIATSU MASSAGE!

Go see a chiropractor and hurry.

Yvonne B
rub witch hazel on it and put a hot water filled bottle on it,and see a doctor if you think something inside is ruptured,or a chiropractor for muscle or bone or tendon problems

Some friend! What's up with people thinking that they have magic hands! People go to school for years to become a masseuse or chiropractor. People that don't know what they are doing can be a real pain in the... (I won't say it. Not funny)
Anyway, I'd wait a few more days if you can help it. A hot bath with Epsom salts might help a little. Also, stretching might do some good. If it hurts too bad though, don't do it.
If it's just unbearable, you should go to the doctor. Whatever you do, don't just lay in bed all day. That's only going to make you more stiff and compound the problem.
Hope you feel better!

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