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gone coastal
My finger feels like it is on fire...what could that indicate?
It happens every so often...usually just one finger...but not always the same one. It literally feels like there is a fire running right through the veins. It is quite painful....but one of those things that I hate to go to the doc for...
Curious...and wondering if anyone else has had the same thing...and if anyone knows why or what causes it
Additional Details
to be more specific....the burning sensation is internal....not external

Sometimes when you go from really cold weather to really hot. Did you have your finger in cold then hot water or something? Otherwise, I would just go to the doctor, in case it is something worse. Just go..get it over with. :)

sabrina p
Maybe a splinter that is messing with the nerves

Crazy dude

maybe your using that finger too much

that its on fire.... get some water

u probably rubbed it real real fast on a ruf rug or sumthing and got rope burn

If you stuck it under a fire, then your finger is probably on fire.

If you stuck it in the firecracker, then you probably blew your finger off.

If you didn't do either of these, then you probably have herpes.

top ****

I had silimilar experience.
When I touched dusted spots. It was allergy from the dust, for me.

um prob some type of rash.. i get it when i touch something old , dusty ,, my fingers iwll burn and swell.. run under cold water adn rub soem anti itch cream .. if it then still bothers i'd go to a doc and get a prescription

it sometimes happens when i'm typing or i am drinking a hot drink and holding the cup. I think this is caused by going from nutral temperature to hot.

Also when shopping and holding a lot of heavy bags this traps the blood in especially my little finger and has this similar pain and condition you have described.

I think it could be from cold to hot or from trapping the blood or from the limited amount of movment the fingers have for an effective flow of blood.

probably a pinched nerve, or your finger could actually be on fire! jk. i dunno if you can get it fixed or not ho. id go to a doctor, cuz thats better then dealing with the pain, if u dont have to.

It looks like that it is a nerve problem (localized) and previous injury to that finger

Other problems which is less likely but mimic:
- Raynaud's Disease or phenomenon
- Vitamin deficiency
- Neck problem (spinal cord)
- Local infection
- Chronic alcoholism
- Low Calcium
- Anemia

Try multivitamins for sometime and if persist consult a neurologist

my husband had that problem for a while with his foot. someone at his work told him it was a pinched nerve. he looked it up online and couldn't find out anything about it. it got alot worse when he would think about it tho and a few weeks later it went away because he forgot about it. he thinks now it was all just in his head. the mind it very strange about stuff like that. i would say if it hurts REAL bad, talk to a doctor, but if it's just uncomfortable, try not to worry about it and keep a record of how often it happens and see if it happens less when you're busy and your mind's not focused on it. good luck

Smart Nurse

Many people have this. Look up GOUT and also a GOUT diet because this is caused from Uric Acid crystals.

I've often heard people say that when they've broken a limb, they feel a burning sensation as if that part is on fire. So, my question to you would be,have you hit your fingers or hand recently, is there any swelling and are you able to move your fingers. If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then going to the ER to get an X-ray would probably be in your best interest. If there is no swelling and you're able to move your fingers, then just make an appointment with your doctor to get it checked.

Yo Momma
i have the same problem with my arm. you just pinched a nerve

I have had that same thing happen to me, it was kind of scary I am not sure what the cause was, but I have a cure which completely made it go away. Here is what you do you get a couple of surgical gloves, ones which are too big for you though. Then you get a bottle of st John ’s wort, the capsule kind and also some petroleum jelly. You take 2 capsules brake it open and dump each in to a glove. Then add 2 table spoons of petroleum jelly to each glove. Then you wear them over night while you sleep. My pain went away just after a few days, I know it sound kind of weird, but seriously I swear by it.

It is possible that it could be a nerve problem (possibly a pinched or damaged nerve). I have severe burning pain in my leg from a nerve problem. I would suggest seeing a doctor for a further diagnosis so that your problem won't get worse. Good luck!

Usually burning sensations come from nerve problems, or pinched nerves, etc.

Wooglet Voot
Move your finger off of the stove.

But seriously my little brother had that. I sure do miss him.

Once the herpes spreads to your finger.

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