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 How much will it hurt?
theres a tooth at the back of myt mouth growing the wrong way and i can feel the lump...will it hurt coming through?????...

 Can anyone please help with my Back pain?
About a year ago I was playing a football match and landed (bum 1st on the floor) ever since I get like a popping feeling at the bottom of my spine when ever ive been sitting for to long. Ive been to ...

 Does anyone know any home remedies for a crick in the neck?
oh my gosh..this crick in my neck hurts so bad...can anyone help me out and give me some home remedies i can try besides taking tylenol..cause i'm already doing that :) thanks so much!!...

 What will happen to her?
My mom was hit in the kidney yesterday. The paramedics said her blood pressure is fine but she has a hard time doing everything. She has to walk slowly and has a hard time doing her regular routine ...

 What should I do about this?
Last night I went to a party and I had a few drinks but I don't remember anything after my third one. I woke up this morning and my head was pounding, my booty hurts, all of my money is gone ...

 Is anyone else suffering from back pain?
its been going on for a while allready. i scheduled an appointment with doc. today and i wanna request a MRI. has anyone else had it...what can it be?
Additional Details
can it be stress ...

 Pls who knows the best drugs for arthritis , reumatic pains and piles?

 Why does tylenol pm make the bottoms of my feet itch?
This sounds weird, but tylenol pm makes my feet itch at the bottoms. Not itchy on the outside, more like itchy on the inside. Any ideas?...

 How much ibuprofen is safe to take at a time and how often?

 My head is killing me I think am dieing?
My head is starting to hurt again, It been hurting non stop 4 about 2weeks. Nothing works I have tryed everything there is. Do u think anything is wrong? It kinda feels like some hiting me with a ...

 I keep getting pains in my stomach?
every time i eat i get stabbing pains in my stomach, i keep taking rennies, i decided to skip some meals to stop the pain, but i still get them, i know i should go to the gp, i'm just asking if ...

 My head is killing me, what should i take?
i have tylenol, vikadin, excedrin, and advil. which should i take?>...

 I have pain in my eyes due to heat, even i take ey drops , still it hurts ,can any one suggest megood idea?

 What could stop the pain of my neck?
I slept with 2 pillows the next day my neck was ...

 How to swollow a pill?
i cant swollow a pill with water it just doesnt go down
maybe with food it will any ideas to ...

 Can i give a dog aspirin or ibuprofen?

 Why does my back hurt when I wake up in the morning?
After a long night of sleep, my back will ache mildly to moderately when I wake up in the morning. This doesn't happen to me if I don't sleep very much though. Why is this happening? By the ...

 Is it dangerous to leave a broken bone un-treated
My friend told me that if i left my broken toe untreated that the bone marrow from my toe would leak and cause blockages in my lungs and stuff. Is this actually possible....

 Anyone know how to reduce pain of arthritis without drugs?
Hi, i have the worst arthritis in my hands, i used to do a lot of heavy work nursing and have no cartilage in my finger tips. the pain is worst at the base of the thumbs.it's like the bone is ...

 What is the best over-the-counter lower back pain medicine?
I'm wondering what works the best before I buy some. Advil? Alleve? Doans? What do you reccommend?...

My feet are so cold they hurt....?
I can be really hot but my feet remain extremely cold. I always use hot water bottles but my feet begin to hurt if i dont warm them up.

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I have Diabetes Insipidus and with that your hands and feet are the only parts of your body that feel cold with this condition. You might want to look up on the internet and read about Insipidus Diabetes and see what other things people get from this disease.

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poor circulation.

Dirty D
It sounds like you have bad circulation.

$Sun King$
Cold sensations to the feet can come from poor circulation and disorders of the nervous system as well as cold exposure and low thyroid condition.


The cause of Cold feet may be more easily identified if other symptoms exist. Listed below are some combinations of symptoms associated with Cold feet, as listed in our database.


Sounds like poor blood circulation. I have the same thing, well... my toes are purple and very sore and itchy in the winter and feel like they are going to drop off, very painful. There's no way i can go out in the snow or i will be crying in pain unable to walk. I've been like it since i was born. Taking 1 asprin a day can help thin the blood helping blood circulation. Or try soaking your feet in warm water with a teaspoon of mustard powder or cayenne pepper for 5 to 10 minutes, it helps circulation by dilating blood cells. That's all i can think of. I just wear really thick socks and a comfy pair of slippers.

You've got bad circulation! There's not much you can do about it really, just don't wear shoes that are too tight...makes it worse...
But the good thing is you can attack your boyfriend with them! It you have a boyfriend...he won't be impressed but I think it's fun

Try wearing socks. I have the same problem, and it helps more than you would think.

It really sounds like a circulation problem..I also think that wearing good warm socks will be helpful.

it depends on your age, history of claudications (pain when you walk certain distance mainly in your calf muscles), history of smoking, or high cholesterol. contact your GP to get you seen by a vascular surgeon if you got any of what I mentioned early.

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