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Yes,tormenting of heartburn.
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 Tylenol 3...help?
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 What are cramps nad how can you stop/prevent them?

I have heart burn i dont wanna take any medicine does any body know any other ways to get rid of it....

 Do i need medical attn?
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 I am having a problem with my wrist, everytime, I wake up from bed or a nap, its numb and tingly...it hurts!?
I mean even everytime I work, or do something, it goes numb. I hope someone can help me determine what might be wrong.
Additional Details
Its not just my wrist, its my whole arm, up to ...

My ears hurts so bad! Please help?
I was cleaning my ears with a Q-tip. Then a little while later it started hurting so bad! When I push on my ear anywhere it hurts and sometimes when I don't push. I always feel water coming out. What did I do to it and when will it stop hurting? If there is a way to make it stop hurting sooner please tell me?

Thanks so much!

Try half vinegar and half rubbing alcohol and pour into ear a couple times daily. Really works.

Try to put just a drop of rubbing alcohol in it, you may just have some fluid in your ear which will make it hurt, so if you put alcohol in it and thats what it is...it will dry it out. If that doesnt work then you may have an ear infection and you would need to see a doc.

bubbly grl
u might have an ear infection or something. Either way, go see a doctor and never stick q tips inside ur ears.

People need to learn humor
Did you put the Q-Tip to far into your ear? You may have irritated your ear drum...You should call your Doctor

See the doc, it sounds like there is somthing in your ear.

The ear/inner ear is the tightest skin in/on your body, if you get some dirt in there or something that is able to soak up water it will put pressure on the already tight skin of the ear. This is what I think it causing the pain in the ear...ENT Ear Nose and Throat Doc for you.!!

This is the best home remedy for an ear infection. Put some peroxide on a cotton ball and squeeze a few drops into your ear with your headed tilted sideways then put the cotton ball in your ear for an hour or so it should help. I have done it 1000 times and it has never failed me. ALso if there is any dirt in their the peroxide will disolve it. It feels a little funny when it starts bubbling but it is totally safe.

Chas B
Keep the Q-tips out of your ear and go to this link


Bedria H
well im not sure what happened but i guess u can try putting something hot to relieve the pain but make sure it's not really hot just for example heat salt wrap it with a cloth and put it on your ear!

You may have ruptured your ear drum. You need to see the doctor. It can become infected and can risk damage to your hearing.

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