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 My brother fell on my head and he kicked my temple and i have a reli bad headache and sleepy wt should i do?
plz telll me wt to do and im kinda dizzy
Additional Details
thanks everybody who answered to this !!...

 I took 2 Lorcet(hydrocodone) and 1 valium within 4 hours I won't OD...will I?
I got in a car accident today and F'd up my back neck and shoulder..the one lorcet wasn't doing it, i took another wasn't doing it..took a valium now i'm scared. I dont' want ...

 I just ate a hand full of zoloft ( besides callinq me retarded ) am i qunna die.?
like i said just popped a whole bunch of zoloft dont ask why ( extremely pissed ) am i qunna die.

have no idea how many prolly 10 - 15 ( 50 mq )...

 I have an ear infection and I am having discomfort to my upper jaw. Any ideas why?
I have a doctor appointment ...

 Tight chest pain that moves to the back and arms?

 Do tonsillectomies hurt (during the surgery)?
Because I having one on Feb 7. I just want to find out if there is any discomfort or pain during surgery....

 Headache won't go away!!!!!!!!!?
My mom has had a headache for two weeks she had an mri no tumors or anything.Nothing is easing it otc meds prescription, dark room laying down, nothing. Any advice would hel;p she'll try ...

 How to heal soar legs.?
i just got back from a school dance, and my legs and butt hurt so bad. other than taking meds, what can i do to reduce the pain?...

 Chest pain?
I sometimes get a terrible pain in my chest. Its always on the left side, and when it happens I can only breath in or out a certain point, it feels like if I go past that point the pain increases and ...

 Im trying to get the stomic surgry for wait lost. is it a good thing to do? i waigh 250 im 5 10 an knees hurt?
how much dose that surg cost?...

 All of a sudden i keep getting this bad pain in my left side, like right around
where my ribs are on my left, its really sharp it hurts and it makes it hard for me to breathe? what could this be? its been happening for like 3 hours ...

 Why does a girafee have a long neck?

 Why do you get a bad headache ache after alcohol?
yes i know its a hang over but why the bad head? i have one now :(...

 I have pain... (read details)..?
I have pain that shoots down my legs and arms constantly, and wrists hurt, my elbows, and even my knees... My knees even pop out of place sometimes! I'm only 16 years old, and I have had a scan ...

 Where did you????
wake up this this morning?? whats the worst place you've ever woke ...

 What is a good positon to sleep in to prevent neck pain?
every time i wake up, no matter how i lay, my neck hurts. any suggestions on what could be causing this or how i can lay to prevent this?...

 ~*I just got my belly button pierced and it its red and it hurts is it suppose to hurt for a while?*~?
~*well they told me it was gunna be red for a while and it was gunna hurt but my friends doesn't hurt and hers isn't red.. is it bc i keep on messing wit it? and every time i touch it.. it ...

 Headache's that don't ever go away!?
I've always been one to get headaches! Some of them bad enough to make me sick more then once in a day. I will go to sleep having one (taking meds before i go to bed) and wake up with it being ...

 Sleep without pillow?
if i sleep without a pillow will i get any neck problems? sometimes i'm more comfortable sleeping without a pillow....

 I have an ear infection....how do i get rid of the pain??????

My bunions hurt really bad should i get surgery?
There so bad that every time i walk it hurts

you have to
they can soon become abnormal growths


Do you love pain?

Um...you can get the opinions of people here, or you can go to the Dr. Your feet......your choice.

Descending Fruit
I think you should move to Yahoo Answers! Australia

Get it looked at.

try wearing more comfortable shoes!
go to a doctor and ask him/her instead !
they'll help!

No, because I also have bunions to. In the surgery, they actualy saw the bone off and it would so painful you wouldn't be able to stand it.

It could be your shoes try getting news and getting over the counter stuff before you see the doctor. But definitely see the doctor.

yes i think you should get surgery,,,, your feet will feel a whole lot better.

You ask, I answer
doctors tell you not to have the surgery unless you are in pain. so, yes, have the surgery. make sure you do it one at a time, so you aren't in a wheelchair for 6 weeks. have them done separately.

DUHHH! yes you should. If it hurts so bad go get surgery!

♥ Riialicious ♥
Yes, unless you want to be hurt for the rest of you life.


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