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My back is killing me!! It even hurts when I breathe, laugh and its hard to move. Whats wrong with me?
I havent done anything lately to pull a muscle or anything... I even tried to put a heating pad on it for awhile but that doesnt seem to be helping eitheir!! I cant bare the paon any longer! What can I do to reduce the pain?

dr.solid snake
i think you have what is called anklyosing spondlitis.it is a genetic disorder.i start almost at young age.it cause fussion of the vertebra.with hard breathing problem.it is worse in the morning and it is reduced by motion.it is diagnosed by x.ray.and by a simple test.go to the wall and try to put your skull and your heil at a same vertical line.

Go to Doctor you might have pnemonia

hbitual linstppr
no more buttt secks for you

Taneshyia S
take a tylenol and then lie down.... if tha t don't work then just go to a doctor.... Sorry

Mel A
sounds like a kidney infection go and see your doctor

you need to see a healthcare prof. it could be many things, these symptoms mentioned mimick many ailments and diseases, my be serious and may be mild, if you looked these symptoms up in any medical texts, u would probably qualify for many, then you will start to worry and think you fall into these categories unnessasarily. No one on here even a practioner can give you advise because you have to be seen physically to feel exactly the area you are inquirin g about, possibly run further tests and if needed and possibly prescribe meds, the best remedy for any ailment is tiger balm, the liquid variety you can buy in chinese shops, or homeopathic, type stores, you can buy the cheap balm variety at most dollar stores/variety stores, but the liquid works like a charm, all u need is two drops, rub it or get someone to rub it on with a coin, something about the metal activates it better, rub for about a minute, right away you will feel immediate relief for a looonnnng time. it works like a charm for use on ANY aches/pains, I swear by it. in meantime try acetaminophin or advil for the pain until you get to see a doctor to rule out anything more concerning. Hope you feel better:-D

go to the doctor, maybe even the ER. Back pain is nothing to fool with. The spinal cord is far to important (and easily damaged ) to risk.

hotpads work the best

Ashley D
walk it off

take ibuprofine, i play a dr on tv so i know

Use cold packs instead of heat packs - they do nothing but irritate it.
Try stretching, and if that doesn't work get a massage, start exercising and see a Chiropractor. Best luck.

Tori Louise
go to the doctor

Go to the doctor.

charlene p
You need to ice it, not put heat on it. The icing will bring down the inflammation.

good golly its molly
Heating pads usually make muscles hurt worse, so stop putting the heating pad on there. Take some tylenol and get hooked up with a chiropractor. They will be able to pinpoint the problem, and they will take xrays to make sure it's not your bones that are causing the problem.

A lot of health insurance providers cover chiropractor visits, so just check with them to see.

Nader Girl
You might have a virus in your spinal chord and need antibiotics, like from a flu.

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