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Additional Details
I don't have arthritus, just painful lower back and hip on the right side from carrying too many books.

Sorry about the lack of info- I'm tired ...

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 Why in hospitals do they wake you at 2 in the morning to give you sleeping tablets?
said it ...

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 Help home alone with sleepin kids have major heartburn and no way to store is ther some thing i can do?

 I get terrible headaches everyday. I have never had any head or neck injury's. They are pounding or stabing.

 Can you truly trust the depression pills , and other medicines that you are taking, that are doctor prescribed
a lot of times, i wonder do i really need all of this
medicine that the doctor is selling me? And if i w
anted to get off of some of it. which ones do i let
go? seem like more times ...

 Um wat is happening [im 14]?
The last week in may i noticed i was really tired and needed to sleep. But 1 nigh my body got very week and my parents rushed me to the ER. They said it could be drugs or other stuff but it wasnt ...

My ankles are sore in the morning. WHY?
for the past couple of months i wake up and for the first 5 minutes walking my ankles ache like mad then they are fine for the rest of the day. Does any one else have this prob?
Additional Details
for the past couple of months i wake up and for the first 5 minutes walking my ankles ache like mad then they are fine for the rest of the day. Does any one else have this prob?

Im definately not pregnant as im a bloke

Mike Sanders
take a pregnancy test.

Sounds like your boyfriend likes to play rough.

The Psychedelic Wardrobe Monster
Do you do a lot of running in your dreams?

Steve F
I have a similar problem,
I have psyritic arthrits, for you it could just be bad circulation.

I wouldn't worry about it unless your toes start dropping off.

adrian p
Means you are pregnant i think, but looks like you are a guy so i dont think this is anatomically possible

harry w
Sounds like "morning stiffness" common in arthritic conditions. Ask your pharmacist if you are suitable to take ibuprofen an hour or so before bedtime. Need to understand what may have brought it on....jogging ??...putting on weight ??

If you sleep on you front it may be that your feet are bent into a postion that is slightly unnatural! Try falling asleep on your back to see if this helps!

Sarah H
You could be suffering water retention.

Try raising the end of your bed (put a brick or something under each of the bottom feet). This will raise your feet above your heart & help circulation.

Give it a couple of days, if that doesn't work see your GP...just incase you have some kind of skeletal muscular problem.

Good luck

Do you have wooden floors and walk barefoot in the house? I have the same problem (and heel pain too) as the house I'm currently in has marble floors. I started wearing footwear in the house, and it's really helped as bare feet alone aren't the most effective shock absorbers.

It could be Arthritis. People who suffer with Arthrits will tell you its always worse in the mornings. Your age does not matter, even babys can get it.

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