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Can someone tell me what they think about that?...

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 My wife has used (rennies) for wind and heartburn for a very long time.?
could anyone tell me if there is anything that would work for her as she is getting very frustrated.
i would be very grateful thank you. (james whitefield)....

Muscle relaxers and vicodin?
Is it ok to take muscle relaxers and vicodin at the same time? I suppose they wouldn't have prescribed them both to me if not...but I'm just a little nervous. Anyone ever combined these before?
Additional Details
Yeah, so I'm not pregnant now...that was 4 years ago.

Green Eyes
um you look about to burst...so stay away from the drugs.

do you know what vicodin is? it's VERY dangerous.

you should NEVER mix drugs...

Yes I too have been prescribed and take both. However, be very aware the Vicodin and most muscle relaxers are addicting, so try and use only as long as necessary. Take only as directed, do not drink alcohol with either of them, and please don't drive until you know how you react with them. For awhile they make you extremely drowsy. Hope you don't have to take them long, get well soon!

Yoda's Tattoo
They are OK to take, but if you can stay off of the muscle relaxers, then do it. They breakdown muscle cells that are almost impossible to rebuild.

anita r
Yes, it is okay to take them at the same time. The vicodin is a pain reliever and the muscle relaxers are just that. They have different pharmacology's and work by acting on different parts of the brain. However, as with all medications, follow your doctors instructions and be sure not to take more than the prescribed dose. I have taken both at the same time before.

Yes, you can take them both. As you said, why would they prescribe it, if you couldn't take it. Just do what the doc said to do.

Yes you can take both together but they will make you sleepy so please don't drive or drink.

Just follow the doctors orders if you are worried call the doctor or pharmacist. You may have to take one then wait a couple hours to take the other. If you are still worried take only half the dose.

Yes, I take the combination all the time. If you are having a back problem it's understandable. There's the pain of a pinched nerve that the vicodin will help. And, if you are holding yourself wrong because you are in pain you are probably having muscle spasms as well. Muscle spasms are painful as well, but the Vicodin will only cover the pain. The medicine for the muscle spasms will help stop the spasm itself.

Mandy VZ
It will make you very sleepy, but the muscle relaxers do wonders for the sleep-bruxism and the vicodin will help the pain. I had serious TMJ for a long time (had to have surgery for joint decompression 4 times) and they also gave me something for the bruxism called Limbitrol. It's a combination of Amitryptiline and Librium. It also worked very well. I took it only at bedtime and it helped me sleep and relaxed not only my muscles but ME as well (Librium is one of the oldest Benzodiazepines) which helped a lot. If one doctor prescribes both medications to you to take concurrently, then you can be sure they're safe together. Good luck!

deeply happy
I have had both at the same time many times and never had any problems.

Yes you can take both of them, just expect to be tired..Don't drive or expect to be a major part of the family.

You should ask your doctor before mixing the two. You may also want to try to stay away from the vicatin even though it was prescribed to you. Try changing up your diet a little and adding more magnesium as it is very helpful and not yet very well know for its positive effects on the human body.

"Involved in more than 325 biochemical reactions, some of the early symptoms of magnesium deficiency include body aches, chronic constipation, headaches and migraines, insulin resistance, PMS, leg cramps, muscle twitches, and more. Left untreated, a magnesium deficiency can lead to more life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and others.

Magnesium's role in energy production. One of the primary roles of magnesium is to activate the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy storage molecule, to create and store energy. Without energy, there is no life.

Magnesium's role in relaxing muscles. Another primary role of magnesium is to work with calcium to help regulate the body's nerve and muscle tone. In many nerve cells, magnesium serves as a chemical gate blocker - as long as there is enough magnesium around, calcium can't rush into the nerve cell and activate the nerve. This gate blocking by magnesium helps keep the nerve relaxed. If our diet provides us with too little magnesium, this gate blocking can fail and the nerve cell can become overactivated. When some nerve cells are overactivated, they can send too many messages to the muscles and cause the muscles to overcontract. This chain of events helps explain how magnesium deficiency can trigger muscle tension, muscle soreness, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, and muscle fatigue especially in the back and legs where some of the body's largest muscles live."

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