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Male, i have a pain below my belt-line on my right side, any concerns?

Marcy G
make a fist with your left hand and extend your thumb. Place your fist on your belly button. Where the thumb points is the general area your appendix is located. If you have an increased fever along with your pain you could be experiencing appendicitis. Call your Doctor if the pain persist.

Maybe you have your belt too tight...
but it can be appendicitis
(if it's getting worst ..

Take your temperature. If you're running a fever, it could be appendicitis; get someone to take you to the local E.R.

Jessica D
Hello! You need to see your doctor to rule out appendicitis, or even inguinal hernia. It could be simple muscle strain, but the location and side are suspicious. Good luck. Only your doctor, or even an emergency room doctor can diagnose this.

It would be hard to make a reasonable guess without a little more information such as...is the pain constant, do you have a fever or chills, does the pain get worse when you touch the area?

It could be as simple as a muscle pull or it could be appendicitis. You might want to go in to your nearest walk in clinic. Good luck.

You could have a hernia, the only way to know for sure is to go to the doctor though.

Depending on how long it's been there and if it's a sharp pain or dull pain, it could be a hernia or your appendix. If you start running a fever or have other symptoms, you should see a doctor.

how long have you had pain if its just started and you been working heavy things could have busted the well... its a dull pain if is something most live with type pain but its best if its bugging you alot then go see a doc is best advice

mike d
sounds like a hernia! is there a mass? can you push it in? call your doctor!

Gall bladder? See a Dr.

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