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Is it safe to cut percocets in half and just take half? And also will it still be effective in relieving pain?

cutting a percocet will not make it unsafe, but there are consequences.

usually percocet comes in tablet form and sometimes it is scored in a way that consumers can evenly half the tablet.

its efficacy on pain will vary because if you half the percocet then there will be half the medicine. so in conclusion, halfing the percocet is only a good idea if your pain level is lower than normal, but you should just follow what the prescription or doctor told you.

Sherry C
When my husband was on it, I called the pharmacy to ask that. The pharmacist told me that she advised against splitting the pills - they should be taken whole. She didn't specify why, though.

Patricia M
It is ok to cut regular percocet tablets in half, as long as they are not the long acting form of percocet called oxycontin. The medicine in percocet is oxycodone, and the medicine in oxycontin is oxycodone (same medicine), but the oxycontin tablets have a much larger amount of oxycodone in them and they have a special coating so they are meant to dissolve slowly over 8-12 hours-- If you cut oxycontin tablets in any way, then you are dumping that large dose in your system all at once, and this could be very dangerous. these are meant for people who have long term chronic pain conditions so they only have to take 1 or 2 tabs every day.

Regular percocet, on the other hand, have a smaller amount of oxycodone in them. They don't have a special coating, and they only last for 3-4 hours of pain relief. This medicine is meant for pain that is temporary in nature, like when you have had surgery, or dental work, or have a sprained ankle. It is a strong pain reliever, and many people find that 1/2 of a tab works fine for their pain. When I have taken percocet in the past, for instance, 1/2 tab works great, but a whole tablet made me feel "loopy" and a little sick to my stomache. If 1/2 tab is not strong enough for your pain, you could always take the other half, or try 1/2 of a percocet and some motrin at the same time. Be careful about mixing it with plain tylenol, because percocet already has some tylenol in it. Every person experiences pain a little differently, so you should do whatever works best for you--but it is perfectly safe to cut them in half.

It's fine and yes it will still provide relief, it just won't be as potent.


Generally speaking, if a medication is scored, it is safe to cut in half. By "scored," I mean that there is a "line" down the middle of the pill, & it's not a capsule.

Is it still effective? Yes, though not as strong.

For more information on percocet (like side effects & other issues), see the website listed below.

Yes, it is generaly ok to cut Percocet in half. And it will be effective, only at half the dose.

Marc G
Yes, Percocet is safe to cut in half. It will still relieve pain, but since you are taking half the medicine, it will be less effective.

I don't see why not. Better to undermedicate rather than over medicate. Try 1/2 and if it doesn't relieve the pain, take the other half. I have even cut pills into 1/4's before.

long as it's not a time-release pill it will be as if you took a half dose

if it is time release then you'll be flooded with drug and then it'll go away.....not necessarly unsafe but not the effect your after

Its safe split them in half and they will still relieve pain. But if this medication was prescribed to you in this mg. dosage by a Physician you should really contact them. Most pain medications are advised to be taken as prescribed or "As Needed" so if you don't need to take full dosage for your pain, take half.

Ridin the storm out
Yes, it is fine. If the pain persists, take the other half later. Hope this helped. Good Luck and Take Care!

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