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Being a chronic pain sufferer myself I understand pain, ...

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What can I do to stop my head from pounding and stomach from turning??I have ...

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Would Ibuprofen help relieve the pain?
Any tips?...

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 Getting rid of cramps naturally?
Hey there, so I am at home todayk ,we have the day of school off, and i just started my period, the word period = hell for me, i get horrible cramps, i have no tylenol, advil, or any pain killers ...

 Ticking in my earr???
so ive had this problem ears ago, never saw a doctor about it because it dosent seem serious but today i got it again and in only one of my ears i have this constant ticking/clicking noise and it is ...

 Help needed.?
My mom is suffering from Spine TB, Thyroid and had been taking medicines for both. She is overweight and is also suffering from vericose veins in one leg....

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 Diarrhea relief?
i've been sick for four days now, with a touch of a cold, but worse than that - a really upset stomach and diarrhea.

yesterday i had to go to the bathroom at least ten or twelve times....

 Whenever i have headache,i get swelling in my arms and neck. why?
whenver i get headache, i get swelling in my back of the neck and arms. i want to know why?...

 Any info on cerrosis of the liver greatly appreciated?

 Neck problem?
This morning, I woke up and I just kind of rolled over, and you know that feeling, when you don't crack your neck, but you move it fast, and it just hurts really bad, and kind of stings? (Sorry, ...

 A couple of days ago I woke up with a very sore neck?
Its like ive strained a muscle in my sleep. Is this right? I still have this pain at back of my neck and want it to go ...

 Ahhh migraine help!?
ok so i get migraines often, they are the killer ones where they disrupt my normal day activities. i can often expect vomiting, and loss of my peripheral vision. i got a migraine during school today ...

 17 female the front of my head is throbbing it feels like it wants to burst!!!! HELP! PLEASE ANSWER!!?
im scared my mom is a worried person what's going on the left side front of my head is hurting its been like that for almost 2 months and im scared i don't know i was nodding my head back ...

Is it possible to cough so hard that your ribs hurt for a few days?
I had bronchitis last week, and a few nights I coughed so much that I was gagging and couldn't even sleep. Now on my left side, right below my ribs, there is a sharp pain when I move, like when I stand up, or turn over in my bed, or if I cough or sneeze. Is this because of my coughing all week?

Yes,I once pulled a muscle in my chest.

i get that as well, its normal for people to be like that, just last week i nearly choked on a fly and couldnt walk for 10 minutes after because my stomach hurt too much

I have allergies and am battling rib pain. This morning while running, I was "hacking" very hard and actually heard/felt my right ribs pop and then felt pain. Yuck!

I get like that too, I coughed so hard, and so long once, I pulled my stomache muscles!

My grandma, who has osteoporosis, coughed so hard she fractured her ribs!

Grandma Pat <&gt;<
Yes, we have had that too. Flu with pneumonia. Chest & sides really hurt.
Thought it would never go away. If it lasts to long I would check with your Dr.
Hope you feel better soon.
You'll be in our prayers.

Danie R
of course! its completly normal especially if youve had a cold or have asthma or broncitis, it will go away take some cough syrup and asprin and take it easy, it wont stay long. just rest it

I fractured my rib from coughing too much.

yes,you can crack ribs through severe coughing.

yes! It's the coughing that is the cause of the pain you are now experiencing.It's not actually the ribs which causes pain but the sudden contraction of the repiratory muscles (the diapragmatic musles) everytime you have paroxysms of cough. some of these muscle fibers are attached to your lower ribs thus pain is thought to be that of the rib. the pain u experience everytime u move means that the responsible lesion is superficially located and not in the lungs nor heart.

if u have some analgesic, take it and this cures the pain though it may take a few days to completely cure.

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