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Is it normal to get a nostril piercing and have swelling on the inside of my nose?
i got it done today and i noticed that the inside of my nose is swelling a bit and i was wondering if that is normal.







call the party who did the job they will know whats up

Dr who
It is not normal to pierce your nose at all,take it out and let it heal be for you get an infection that can go though your blood stream.

Curiously Curious
Depends on the size of the swelling.

Any injury, purposeful or not, destroys cells. That leads to swelling of the tissues around the site.

If the swelling is small, like a slight, sore bump, it is a normal response. If it turns into something the size of a grape and is red, hot, and painful, it's time to see a doctor or nurse practitioner to get antibiotics because it's probably infected. I don't know how a nose can be pierced WITHOUT getting infected, but I understand it's possible.

MARY S: Please don't write in all caps! It's called "screaming." It looks like you're angry or something.

Geek or Chic
It might be nothing but it could also be an infection. Noses can be germy places so it can sometimes be tough to keep those piercings clean. Follow the piercers directions for cleaning it.

Go back or go to a doctor if you feel any unusual pain and especially redness and excessive puss, that might be a sign of infection. Better to be safe than sorry right?

Well I'd say that its not normal to have a whole in your nose, so it could be feeling it?? I don't know never had a nose earring done before, if your concerned call the place where u got your nose done or go to the docs and see what they say... good luck

Punk Bunny
yes its perfectly normal. it will be swollen for a little while. just keep it clean and dont mess with it much. it will be fine soon. =]
and that a*s who says its not normal to pierce your nose at all can f*ck off ^_^

any sensitive cartilage thats exposed to piercing will swell. swelling is the body's reaction to something that shouldnt have been done. it might be infected as well. your nose has bacteria and the nasal hairs help clean it. i would give it a few days to see if the swelling has gone done. put some epsom salt with warm water and gently clean it, use spectragel as well. if it doesnt go away, take out the nose ring.

Absolutely! Don't worry--it will calm down. Ice the outside of your nostril and the swelling will go down, probably within 24-48 hours....

rose j
You need to put a warm compress on your nose and take some advil for discomfort but if gets worse go to the doctor

Well you did put something in your body that normally is not suppose to be there so it is going to try to fight against it. That's the bodies normal reaction. Inflammation would be a normal reaction. Clean it and take care of it according to the instructions of the professional that did the piercing. Be care. Monitor for persistent redness to the puncture site, low grade tempt. drainage and warmth to the puncture site and unusual swelling. This could indicate infection. I would seek medical attention at that point and for sure take the thing out. Good Luck

Yep - absolutely. Don't touch it with anything other than a clean Q-tip dipped in Tea tree oil or some other disinfectant/ healing balm meant for piercings and tattoos.

You should see the swelling disappear within a few days.

(FYI I used to do piercings and aftercare, and I have two nostril piercings.)

ALSO - don't let these people freak you out. Anytime you introduce trauma to tissue - and a piercing is trauma - you will swell. Its the bodies NATURAL reaction. When you pierced your ears - they swelled - but they healed... right? Its the same thing, but the nose usually swells INSIDE rather than out!

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