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 Why is a Migraine so different to a headache?
What is it that makes us feel so bad when we have a migraine than a normal headache? What is the migraine doing to our heads?
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lol Mental - i am sick when i have ...

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 I have a migraine..?
and I'm out of my Migraine meds.

What do you guys do for migraines?
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Thank you Thmart and Kev... I know where Thmart lives, and I will find you Kev.. I ...

 How to suicide without pain?

 Does it hurt donating blood?
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got worse after having children .what can i do to streghthen my ...

 Earache from swimming?
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 If you get stabbed with a knife?
I am just curious because i hear about so many people on TV getting stabbed and stuff so i am wondering how much does it hurt?

Like let say i get stabbed where my abs are how much would it ...

 This is no Joke...Ive got a pain in my butt!?
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can anyone help?
i have suffered from migraine since i was a child, as it got worse as ive got older.!
its getting me down and effecting my life, i will get a migraine attack come on by ...

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like someone who takes them without having physical pain....

 I have the worst stomach ache! Please Hurry!?
I have a horrible stomach ache. I know a lot of times that if you have a stomach ache and you throw up that it makes you feel a lot better. The problem is I can't make myself throw up. Can ...

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Bumumble the 3rd (Bow down 2 me)
Is is true if you poke someone in the bellybutton really hard you can kill them?

i have never heard of that!


Lyle M
no you actually can my cousin had that done to him


where did u get this from???

Happy Man
I suppose if a boxer punched someone hard enough on the belly button the blow could cause a fatal injury.

Depends on what you poke them with!

Think about it for a minute....if you can kill someone with your finger by poking them in the navel. Hardly, unless the person being poked has a sever medical condition.

I guess a professional boxer or something like that can deliver a strong enough blow to the gut to kill someone. But dang...it would be a hard hit to do it. People have died from being hit in the gut. But it was more than a poke in the belly button.

ah jaysus I hate that word ..."bellybutton"...oh I cant stand it.
And I hate looking at them, oh they are ugly.
Anyway mine is more of a "belly hole" than a "belly button"..oh I hate even looking at my own.
And elbows..God I hate them too......*shiver*

Riley C
yup...i think so


yes....a man once slaughtered an entire village that way..that mans would become famous..a legend..and a his name will live forever. R.I.P...Pokemon.

gilly g
No, unless you have something sharp in your hand but even then it's not necessarily fatal.

very blue dog
I am going to try that today---will get back to you (unless I'm at the police station of course)

I just tried it on my brother... HES DEAD!!!!!!!!

oh NO... its all your fault :'(

ROLF - grow a brain dipstick.

leonard s

maybe if you poke them with a knife

Only if you poke them with something really, really sharp.

if you poke so hard your fingers pops out at the back agian, possibly.

john o
no i don't think so but would be a good lie ot tell young kids

I dont think so no. But i know if someone pokes me in the belly button i get really squirmish as its a horrible sensation!

Im feeling squirmish now just thinkin about it lol

Mal J
No thats not true, but if you undo the belly button then there bum will fall off.

Pocket Protectorate
If what you "poke" them with is a sword or a bullet, sure...

Yes, if you poke them with a steel rod.

Hello, i am not sure if you can kill them, i know that it is possible to like put dem in like shock or somthing, i have never heard of somebody dying of that though

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