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If you get stabbed with a knife?
I am just curious because i hear about so many people on TV getting stabbed and stuff so i am wondering how much does it hurt?

Like let say i get stabbed where my abs are how much would it hurt?

Or what about my chest?

And if i was stabbed in my heart would it instantly kill me? Would i feel pain before i die?

Yes i know they are stupid questions but i am always curious.

go get stabbed and find out

Donnie Mac
Why don't you try all those on yourself then report back to us?

are you planning to get stabbed.
go to a crazy home...

I would imagine it wouldn't hurt, but maybe those first two have first hand expierence. You don't have pain receptors in your heart so can't feel pain there.

set a rat trap off on you tongue, the pain should be comparable

Halo Fan
Yes, you would feel pain even if you're stabbed in the heart. Even if you're shot in the heart, you still feel pain before you die. I don't know how sensitive each spot is, though.

it would hurt heaps

Ste A
Unfrortunately, I was stabbed by a guy trying to take my wallet a few years ago. He used a small kitchen knife with a 3.5 inch blade and got me in the left side of my abs about 3 inches above my belt line. He tore muscle, and grazed my intestinal wall causing some internal bleeding, but luckily, he didn't do any severe damage.
It hurt....a lot. It felt very warm, and it stung like hell, but due to adrenaline and fear that he would do more damage, I was able to push off and get away. The worst of the pain was honestly the next day after being stitched up. Felt like I'd done a million crunches using only one muscle (if that makes any sense), and I had trouble doing anything physical for a good while afterwards.

It hurts like hell, and it hurts worse when the blade is pulled back out. Abs would be awful because of the amount of muscle, so would the chest, plus you have the issues of hitting a lung or the heart. It would kill you in short order, but yes you would feel pain. The reason for the pain removing the blade, is the muscles constrict around the blade.

whats the worst pain you have ever experienced?skinned you knee?that burning pain on your knee is completely all over the internal organ tha has been punctured.it is all over your skin.have you ever been burned?its like that.a buring pain.i was not stabbed by a knife,but severely punctured by a splinnter of wood as i went tumbling down a hill.dont think about pain.old memories of it come up,and you re-exspirenced it.

sweet sikhi

reguardless of where you are stabbed it depends on your blood loss whether you die/not. If you loose too much blood in your abs you may die and same for your chest. worked on a thoracic ward and we had an 18 year old lad who came in with stab wounds to the chest and back, had surgery, stayed in hospital for a week and went home.

If you are stabbed in the left upper section of your chest where your heart is you will instantly get the excruciating pain and may die depending on whether you get emergancy help/not.
Different situations are different and for the record l do suggest you stab yourself/any other person/s!

Depending on the type and length of object you were stabbed with, and depending on what internal organs were damaged, it will probably hurt alot. If you hit a large blood vessel such as the vena cava or the abdominal aorta, you won't feel the pain long, as you will bleed out and die. If the knife is long enough and hits the spinal cord, then you won't feel anything below the injury. If the object is a a tire iron or a large screwdriver, besides the large hole, you will probably have blunt force trauma which will also hurt. If you are stabbed in the chest, then the lungs will be affected and you will have the additional problem of severe shortness of breath along with severe pain. There are anecdotal stories of knife wounds to the heart and people survive, but for the most part, interrupt the heart's integrity and you will die.

School Nurse
I'd say it would hurt a Lot!! As a nurse I've seen people who have been stabbed the THEY say it hurts a LOT. If you get stabbed in your abdomen, chances are good that you would puncture your intestines, causing fluids to leak out and contaminate your abdominal cavity causing a condition called peritonitis, requiring immediate surgery. If you get stabbed in the chest, you would damage your lungs, causing the lung to deflate, causing a condition called a pneumothorax requiring immediate surgery,OR if you get stabbed in the heart you would likely die before you could get to the hospital and go the the surgery and get it repaired. You would feel pain in all instances.
My advice is to stay away from situations that would put you at risk and avoid stab wounds at all costs because, I gotta tell ya, IT'S GONNA HURT.

if i ever got shanked i would die either way unless i was really strong

my brother accidently got himless with a BB gun hes still alive lol
he was a tough guy

Alec R
Ya, it would hurt like hell. and I doubt seriously that you would die anywhere close to instantly. I think it would be more like a slow painful death, because you may just die of loss of blood. If your heart got stabbed you would die quicker but it would still hurt like hell. The only way that you would probably die instantly is if you had some brain trauma.

I wouldn't recommend trying it, lol.

Michael W
never been stabed before.... but if you get stabed in the heart you are going to die unless its with a pin or something.

yes it would hurt, but you'd probably pass out straightaway with the pain. im not a dr but if u were stabbed in the heart, its best i think to leave the knife/weapon there till medical help sorts u out

it hurts and it's not like in the movies

Jane T
It burns like heck.You dont always die from heart area wounds,but go to hospital stat.Internal bleedouts are often undetected until you have bled out

Madd Skillz
Lets just say it hurts like you cant even believe. Ever broken your arm? Yeah, it hurts 3 million times more.

I was stabbed in my leg when I was 13 years old hanging around the wrong people. It hurts pretty badly. It feels like a cat going as deep as they can into your skin x229384794373.

It would hurt pretty badly, because abs are usually hard.
Same with the chest.
You would probably bleed to death, so no. You'd feel pain.

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