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If someone hits you with a brick on your neck, would you die or just get bruised?
just curious
Additional Details

I can tell you exactly what will happen because I've actually witnissed this thing before when I was younger. My friend tried getting down a football from the tree, and threw bricks at it. One happened to come down and nailed a guy on his neck. It was probably a 50-70 ft drop for the brick, so it hit pretty hard.

Kid was okay, but went to the hospital for a while and was bleeding a lot. So I'm sure you won't die, paralyze at the most.

mostly depends on upper body development of person being hit
highly muscled individuals the muscle covers more there
-i'm heavily shoulder and neck developed
-someone fell off the top bunk in a hostel and landed on my neck as my head was outside the bed -pulled me wholly out of bed
i had a pulled neck for a few months but recovered in time for my audition with Jackie Chan when he returned to HongKong
depends where it hits and velocity its travelling and individual in question XxYxZ ...

depends, you have an imagination

Mallory W. <33
It depends.

if you get hit on the back of the neck, hard. YOUR DEAD.

but in the side , maybe you would just get it broken.

i think u die. lol
:] Erika

Maddie E
depends on how fast u get to the E.R. if u do right away then just bruised. if u get hit with 1 and dont do anything than... not good.

depends how hard

Wired T
How big is this brick? Where in the neck? How far away is the person throwing the brick?

Has my neck been broken before? Am I lying down or standing up?

If its really hard you could probably get paralyzed from the neck down.

Joel T
if some one asks a question such as this. Get's an answer then goes out and does it. Would that make it pre meditation?

If you threw a brick at some one's kneck it would all depend on the angle if it hit at a corner and hot a patch of nerves you would temporarily stun them. This is call nerve over load. For about 10 seconds there whole body feels as though it's in pain. however this brick could puncture the skin and severe major ateries to the brain causing more then just nerve overload. But a serious injury. My advise don't find out.

it would probably break ur neck

depends on how hard they hit you genius...

It depends on how hard they hit it. Your neck holds part of your spinal cord, and if the sinal cord gets damaged in any way- you could die.

Lusty Lush
it depends.... how hard did they hit you? if they hit you hard enough...i'm sure you'd die....or get some sort of concussion.... thats a bit more than a bruise

That question is absurd. Was the brick shot out cannon? Then you might die. If not, you may bruise. Do you bruise easily?

depends how hard and where on the neck.

try it and see

Melody L
if they hit it hard yes.
if they dont you'll have to go to the hospital
probably some bruises.

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