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If I take Advil everyday is it going to cause me problems?
Back pain - sitting all at the office all day is ironically painful, but quitting is not an option. If I space out 3 Advil throughout the workday, I can tolerate the pain.

If your stomach can handle it you can probably continue taking it. Be sure and get walking excercise during the day. And stretch!

My doctor told me that I could take 4 Alieve every 6 hours for pain short term. My advice would be to talk to a doctor. Maybe you need to make regular visits to a chiro?

flying peanuts
Go see a doctor.

No, it should not. Notice I said "should not". Do yourself a favor and go to a Yoga Therapy class(es). There are ways to help your body that you will have to explore.

Advil has an odd history- there are suggestions that it is not a good long-term answer, but no clinical proof yet.

What bothers me more is the attitude of taking medicine every day rather than dealing with the real issues.

What is bugging your back? The chair, the workspace setup? Your actual duties? There are things we can do to change the situation and save our back. After all- the pain signals damage that the drugs will just mask- not fix.

Is there anyone at work who cna help with office ergonomics? In many places, employee health or someone can help you get a better chair or find a way to use what you have better.

A chiropractor or physical therapist can help you learn to sit better and do exercises and stretches to help your back.

If nothing else, you can swing by a place like the Back Store and get a chair insert that will help!

But even long-term use of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen and naproxen (Advil, Aleve, and Motrin) may carry some of the same risks.

What should you do if you, like April Dawson, suffer significant pain from arthritis? First, it's important to understand the tradeoffs you make with all medicine. Medications can cause side effects; they also can relieve suffering. It's important to talk with your doctor about the potential benefits versus risk in your particular case. Second, it's critical to be monitored by your doctor if you are taking any medicine regularly for longer than a couple of weeks. Careful monitoring can catch side effects early.

"There's no simple answer," says cardiologist Nieca Goldberg, MD, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and Chief of Women's Cardiac Care at Lennox Hill Hospital, New York City. The degree of risk from NSAIDs varies greatly from person to person, she says, and depends on things like your medical condition and the medicines you take.

Adding any kind of pain medication to EVERY DAY LIFE is a warning sign. Something is wrong. Are you sitting properly in your chair? Perhaps the chair is too big for you--your knees need to come off of the edge and your feet flat on the floor. I would highly suggest starting to work out. People have back pain because their back muscles are not strong enough to support them. I would get off of the advil because it is constantly THINNING your blood. We wouldnt' want your body getting used to that. Also, it's bad for your kidneys, liver-- its something you should use for the occational headache--not an every day thing. make sure you do neckrolls through out the day and twist and turn your back every 30 minutes at work. Also, make sure you get enough water with that advil you're taking. p.s. you shouldn't take any kind of pain medication for more than 14 days.

quagi m
The official answer should be "Check with your doctor to be sure." Unofficially, I have taken over the counter pain pills for years for my back pain. Every day, I take Tylenol, and either Advil or Aleve, all in much stronger doses than you are taking. I find that in recent years, I must also take Zantac because of the stomach irritation. Me, I tend to avoid doctors and take care of myself. You may look at things differently, in which case you probably should see your doctor.

You need to be careful of stomach problems with ibuprofen. You might also consider having an ergonomic eval done of your workstation and also talking to a doctor to find out what the problem might be if you haven't done so already. Popping pills may work for a while, but it could get worse if you ignore it long enough.

groucho's wife
I would talk to a doctor about this one if I were you. 3 Advil isn't much, but everyday use of any pain reliever over time is going to take some kind of toll on your body.

Strawberry Pony
Registered Nurse here; Advil (Ibuprofen), is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory. The greatest side effect to taking Advil on regular basis, gastrointestinal upset, Advil is very hard on the stomach lining. Therefore taking routinely, could lead to abdominal pain, indigestion, sour stomach, and possibly even stomach bleed. There are many other medications that's not as toxic to the stomach.. I strongly suggest you make an appointment with your physician ASAP, and run this by he or she, then the two of you can decide on the best option for your back.
Thanks for the opportunity to address your question.

ForbesHewlett Juan Pablo Sanchez
hey RETARD !... take a wild guess... hmm... uh YES !

it is called becoming immune to the drug.. then their effects will become useless and you will just have to go to your doctor so they can prescribe stronger drugs which you will get addicted to, and then you end up like the rest of your family... in the gutter begging for a dolla for CRACK !

Get off the ADVIL !

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