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Thank You for your answers and ...

 A TENS machine for back pain. R they any good ?

Additional Details
All good answers THANK YOU...

i had my headache for about three months now why isnt it going away.my headache isnt that severe when i play outside i cant feel the pain,but if i dont do anything itll start hurting again.is there ...

 Can anyone tell me how they deal with multi cluster headaches on a daily basis for months straight?
imitrex, fioricet, cafergot, all DONT WORK!!!
Additional Details
ok i said these expensisve medications dont work so why be so dumb t say advil?? u dont think i tried that 1st. some of ...

 Pain in left breast?
Hi, does anyone know what this could be, i have a very sharp pain in the left side of my breast, ( top of breast) the pain goes down the left side of my neck and left arm, it lasts for approx 30 secs ...

I woke up this morning and my ears are so clogged I can't even hear the TV. What can I do to fix this?


put peroxide in your ears to clean them.

truely human
take benadryl or turn the TV up

i would see a dr, maybe they need cleaning, or could have some fluid in them from a cold , washing your hair, etc. but to be sure see someone.

See your physician for the cleansing of your ears.

Turn up the volume.

clean your ears with peroxide...DONT use a q-tip

take 1 cup of rice and put it in a clean sock. microwave it for about 45 seconds. then lay the sock on your ear till it cools off. repeat for the other ear.

if it gets worse. see a DR. my roommate just went through the same thing with her ears.. and almost lost hearing permanently.

You can try to switch on the TV.This maybe fix the question.

Does it hurt or itch? It could be an infection, in which case you should definitely see a doctor to get some antibiotics.

If it just feels like pressure, like when you're on a plane, I recommend chewing some gum, swallowing a lot, and moving your jaw around. Sometimes it works, sometimes it lasts for a few days.
Whenever I go on a plane, I usually have clogged ears for two days after, and nothing seems to work to unpop them, but it does go away after awhile.

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