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Erin K
I woke up and the side of my face jaw and ear hurts, what is it do you think?
Someone I know woke up and their whole left side of their face hurts and they cannot hear too well out of their ear, and its hard to eat and they tried warm washcloth, but it still hurts, any suggestions? AND YES I KNOW see a doctor lol...... but if it isn't nothing to bad then, it doesn't hurt to ask.
Additional Details
good answers really, I'm gonna add yea, it hurts in the teeth too, in the middle of his top teeth, and when you talk, feel pain in your ear., no sore throat, but swallowing hurts. thanks guys too ^_^

It could be a dental problem. Sometimes a bad tooth can affect the whole side of your face including your ear. Call the dentist and ask what he thinks.

You slept to hard and probably on one side

Since Your Have Mentioned That One Side Of Your Face Hurts Then I Feel That You Have Not Been Sleeping Right, or the pillow is not suitable for you, I suggest that you should try changing your pillow it might help, initally you might find it difficult to adjust but you'll get the hang of it.

It could be a TMJ problem or facial nerve problem or ear problem not a dental one...

So, see a doctor for a correct diagnosis........

Coz I can't do so (without seeing u):)

What u will hear won't hurt!

Except if u delay it more, it might lead to serious condition (facial nerve palsy)>>>>>>>>>paralysis of half the face

Hope wuz able 2 help
Good Luck

T-M Joint Syndrome or Inner Ear Infection possibly.

I clinch my teeth at night and wake up some mornings with my jaw almost locked. This is most likely the issue.

Angela Vicario
i think because of the way that person was sleeping.

My roomate had the same symptoms and it turned ou tto be a reaction to an medication she was taking for gout.

you slept goofy. Take some Tylenol. If it still hurts tomorrow, could be sinuses or infection or something like that.

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