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Cathy E
I turned quickly when my alarm went off this morning and now my neck reaaly hurts - what is it?
I know that it isn't a stiff neck and I didn;t sleep funny, I just moved suddenly and felt a pain shoot from my neck to my head. Now I can't turn my head left and it hurts to touch - any idea's what it could be? It throbs when I stand up and I can not lie down

its probably the aids

see a doctor you probably pulled a muscle or it could nerve damage.

You've done what we call a wricked neck! will hurt for a couple of days but you will be fine after!
Just take some painkillers!

Carly Joan
that happend to me once a couple years back i for get what i did but maybe try ice or a heating pad

you strained it.. people will tell you to put ice on it.. That will not help.

you should verrrry slowly stretch, and masage where its pulled..

Sounds like torticollis - or wry neck .
Very painful !

A pulled neck muscle. A real warm shower or a wet warm towel applied to the area can help loosen up the muscle. It will be sore and stiff for a few days until it heals. My husband does this all the time.

It's a kink!!! Try icey hot, and tylenol. Even though it hurts, try moving it side to side, it will go away faster.

This happened to me once too, i just turned my head and my neck started hurting.
I was a bit younger but I'm pretty sure it just went away after a while.
See a doctor if it continues to hurt.

cathy you pinched a nerve. one thing to do is have someone with a strong hand give you a massage on your neck and shoulders. if this doesnt work, or only helps for a little while, you have a couple options. get a professional massage make sure to tell them what is wrong. go to a chiropractor. my chiro is awsome. had a problem with my foot. turned out to be a nerve from the base of my spine. when i get problems like that in my neck it is a result of something else being out of whack. once i go to the chiro its a lot better.
good luck cathy

You've pulled a muscle. Painful, but it will go fairly soon, just massage it, and maybe take a warm bath or something.
(Yanking your neck round after hours of sleep is just the same as going from standing to sprinting at full pace without any warm up!)

I did this a couple of years ago ...took me 2 hrs to get out of bed as I coudnt support my head ...
Its one of your neck muscles as you sleep they get cold and when you make a sudden movement in the morning they can get pulled ...Mine hurt like hell and I thought this is it... it will get better but I suggest you contact someone from a medical background to ensure all is well ..

Hope something works for you , i'm always told apply heat though not ice !
That's from my physio. as i've got a condition which at times causes severe back and neck pain though worst of all also
just the most awful headaches imaginable : (

Probably just a pulled muscle. Heat and stretching gently may help.

Dr. Rob Rice
subluxation of the cervical spine is likely. it may also involve a minor dislocation of a facet joint (a joint in the spine) if it's bad enough. best to see your chiropractor. as it's the weekend, you're probably not going to find one open. so in the meanwhile, you would do well to take a gel ice pack and place it over the area of pain. hold it there for 20 minutes or until it's numb. do this over the skin directly unless you absolutely can't stand it (then no more than one t-shirt). do that every two hours religiously. i would avoid over-the-counter pain meds. if you absolutely must have an otc med, try tylenol because at least it won't slow down the healing process.

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