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I stand on my feet about 10 hrs a day on concrete floor..why do the sides of my feet hurt?
they dont hurt on the bottom of them and i wear extra wide shoes

You stand on your feet about 10 hrs a day on concrete floor.


Maxine H
You need to get special shoes for standing on concrete that many hours a day. They do make special shoes to help your feet. The sides of your feet hurt because you are using them to relieve some of your foot pain. Watch next time and count how many times you slide to the side.

May be that your feet curl in slightly to where you most stand on the sides.
Look at an old pair of your shoes, is the most wear on the outside of the foot?
I would recommend a good pair of shoes designed for extended standing.

Your feet have to last you pretty much the rest of your life, so why would you buy soemthing cheap for soemthing that is that important.

That's a long time to be standing!
Perhaps you're not distributing your weight evenly on your feet. I know I tend to put more pressure on the outsides of my feet than the inside b/c when i look at the sole of my shoes, the outer part is more worn than the inner part. Try taking a load off and giving your feet some rest. Pads that you insert into your shoes may help too.

because theres an arch on the bottom of ur feet, so u dont stand on the bottom/middle, you stand on the sides, where the bone is

Dude... becuase you stand 10 hrs a day on concrete floors. At least buy one of those jelly things for your shoes. They are about 15 bucks.

becuz u stand on ur feet for about 10 hours a day on a concrete floor...naw jk, but maybe its too much stress being put on ur foot. try sum different kinds of shoes or shoes supporters to see if that helps.

Are you flat footed?. I am and i have the same issue. Look into getting some comfortable arch supports or some gel insoles, they really help.

dr scholls will help you out. a lot. are you gellin?!

I'm going to guess that by your sides you mean your arch, standing on your feet can lead to flat feet if you don't have the right support. If it is your arch you should get gel supports from any sneaker store it will definitely help, if you don't it will get worse and hurt a lot

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