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 How to cure GAS PAINS?
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yeah i know youre supposed to massage it and walk on it but do you know an even qucker way because im to scared to get up and walk on it please help!!

ooh and what are food that can help ...

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 Which is the correct English?
1. My back ache got worse.
2. My back ache got worser....

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anybody know any remedies that will make me feel abit better except for pills and stufff..
also if i take aspirin/paracetemol around 4 ...

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 It hurts my ankle because I am mega obese. I walk one hour a day, what should I do?
Im trying to go excercise for 1 hr a day. So far I am at 3o mins aday.
Additional Details
I do work, and I do walk to work....

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 I had a bad fall on saturday night on my bum and i think ive damaged my tailbone?
I havent been able to sit up properly ever since, have a just hurt it badly or do i need to go see a doctor? I am concerned as i work in a office and cant currently go sit on my bum for prolonged ...

 How uncomfortable is an upper endoscopy with sedation?
i m going for an upper endoscopy tomorrow morning and i feel very scared and worried about it

can i request for a larger dose of sedation?...

 My sore back?
wots the best thing for my sore back iam just so fed up taking tablets and i still have to work
Additional Details
the pain is bad too when i wont to go the toilet .i carnt wait around ...

 Stress Relievers??
It seems that nothing is really going my way this summer and it's making me really stressed out and then I end up snapping at my friends and making them not like me.
If anyone can think of ...

it hurts when i turn to the side and i cant go all the way it hurts so bad wel sort of and im using icy hot so what should i do to feel better FAST????????...

 What r bunions?

I keep having leg cramps while playing basketball?
how do i stop it? i wanna play the game with out worring about my leg cramps is there any stretch that'll help me?

Definately blood circulation. Try stretching a little longer.

You've got to stretch your legs and make sure you're getting enough potassium (bananas work good) and water and/or Gatorade.

drink more water that might help

There is this pickle juice they sell at the grocery store that comes in a little bottle. It looks like regular pickle juice, but bikers use use it to keep from getting cramped up on long bike rides and excersises.

you should try put more potassium in your diet, like bananas!
i sometimes have leg cramps at night and my doctor recommended that i try eating aleast one banana 3 times week instead of over the counter med. it is cheaper and just as effect. I has been quite a while since i have had issues
good luck i know they are very painful hope this helps

You need potassuim. Eat bananas. Lots of bananas. Also do leg stretches like bending down to touch your toes for your thighes . And to stretch your calves, put the tip of your foot on some type of ledge (it doesnt have to be high, just a half a foot would be fine) and bring your heels down to the bottom of whatever it is your standing on.

There are a variety of leg and hamstring stretches that will help, before and after you play. But some muscle cramping is caused by vitamin deficiency. You may want to up your potassium before you play. Bananas are a good source or a multivitamin. Maintaining a good electolyte balance may help by hydrating with a sports drink.

I have them when I am in bed, have been told magnesium, calcium and zinc deficiencies. So a good multi vitamin w/all these should help. When I do have one....I push my heel down and bring my toes up as hard as I can....it seems to stretch out the calve muscle and take the pain away.

you need to do a lot of stretches.....do it daily...not just before playing sounds like your muscles in your leg are very tight....i know there is some medication for that but i can remember the name...it is prescription.....and starts w/ cir.....sorry all i know...

Its something to do with the blood circulation.

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