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I keep getting a squeezing pain in my chest?
What could it be..? It feels like something's squeezing my heart.. Really hurts sometimes!
Additional Details
I'm 14, and definitely not overweight!

You have pulled a muscle, .
takes ages for it to go away.

Could it be a soy product? Chocolate soy hurts my chest.

could be down to stress or a panic attack, i would go to the doctor though to get checked out.

The Light One
Your cholesterol may be a bit too high. You should definitely go to a doctor so that it doesn't become a heart attack.

maybe a heart attck or stroke. or maybe you need more exercise.

Cooks in '08
maybe you are having a heart attack.

See a doctor. It could be anything. Safe not sorry.

jorge f
Impossible to say with certainty. See your Doctor, he will do a complete physical examination, take a full medical history and maybe order some labs if required.

i am sorry to hear that tell your mom


See a doctor. Chest discomfort is not something to blow off because it could be your heart- heart disease can be found in women at a very young age. And, symptoms of heart problems are often different in women than in men.
Of course there are other things in that part of your body- lungs and esophagus. Anxiety can cause a feeling like that, too.
Good luck- and do see a doctor as soon as you can.

suzanne g
Could be anxiety. Could be heart attack. Does it feel exactly like "someone is kneeling on my chest"? If so, go to E.R. - that's a sign of heart attack.

is the pain near your breasts?? ask the docter for an xray. it can be a cold aswell which takes time to go or it could to be with overweight???!!

get to the doctor

ŠÉ¶*Pink Cat *ŠÉ¶
I am sure you need to see a doctor asap. Why would you ask a bunch of Yahoos for anyways, we can barely answer the question "Do you like pickles on your tuna".

For Gods sake get on to NHS direct. 0845 4647 Immediately. why are you asking us....Ask them and they will put you on to a nurse or a doctor straight away.

How long have you felt this? If it is going on for a few days or more it might just be a problem with your cholesterol.. I used to get sharp pains in my chest when I was in my early teens (now I'm 17).

If it has only been going on for a little while please go to the hospital immediately!
If it has been going on for quite a long period of time, you should still see a doctor just in case.

Good luck! Be careful!

Get an ambulance! There can be numerous reasons for this, most of them needing medical attention!

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