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adam b
I hit my elbow?
I hit my elbow really hard on concrete today it didnt really hurt at fist but then like 45 minutes later it hurt really badly and now the pain is almost umbarable, i can move it but ever time i do it i feel a really big pop and hear it to. i think i might of dislocated it but im not sure. can anyone tell me what might be wrong plz and thankyou

Whats wrong is the head thats attached to it didnt take the elbow to the doctor.

Go see a doctor and stop complaining...

It's not highly likely (but still possible) that you dislocated it, b/c it would be very hard to straighten. However, you could have chipped a bone. That also will keep you from straightening it most often.

Often swelling just from stretching out ligaments and swelling from bruising on the inside of a joint can cause popping. You may have pulled a ligament or tendon.

Put ice on it for 15-20 minutes at a time for the first 24 hours. Take Ibuprofen - up to 1000 mg - unless for some reason you can not (allergy or stomach ulcer, etc.). until you can get to a physician.

But definitely seek medical attention ASAP!!!!!

go to the emregencyt room nowwwwwwwwwwww!

you have dislocated it. I dislocated mine to. You need to put it in ice + then try to get someone to pop it back into place. If you know some one close by thats a doctor or nurse call them. If you can not pop it back into place call your doctor or the ER for information

its just me deal w/ it

Sister Lourdes
I'd say a licensed physician would be a lot better than a group of random fools at diagnosing your elbow. go to the hospital and stop wasting time if it hurts that badly! Typing will only exacerbate the problem i promise you!

Zack A
put ice on it if it still hurts go to the hospital

you might have cracked it or dislocated it, becuase of shock is why you dont feel pain, but try not to move it at all elevate it put some ice on i and call 911

i doubt you'd be able to move it if it was dislocated... of course it would hurt.. you probably damaged some vains smack dab on your elbow... so when you straighten it .. it kinda pinches them which makes it hurt painfully. I dont know how hard you hit it on concrete but you might have shocked your elbows so bad that its getting swollen. Ice it!

Seymour Nuts
Swelling? Go see your doctor or go to the clinic. Try some ice.

Kym M
Well it sounds like you have either dislocated it or maybe worse. Get someone to take you to hospital so they can x-ray it to make sure. Good luck and hope it is nothing too serious.

dude see a doc
it might be broken
or fractured

Jasmine H
like you said you have dislocated it go to the Doctor and see

go to the er and get x-rays
it might be serious if its swollen

when the day met the night
OOO That sounds awful. It may be a dislocation, but I am not sure. You may have just bruised it really bad, but that wouldn't cause the "popping" sound.

I hope I helped! =]

R&&R <3
i dunno buht

You have most definatly broken a bone.

You must go to hospital as soon as possible (like today!)


this happened to me there are just fluids in your elbow

I'm not sure what's wrong, but it obviously isn't normal. You should go to the hospital right away.

Ow.. please go to the emergency.

seek a doctor for advice

James T loves the Patriots
call the doctor. Good Luck

drum dude
umm... u hit ur elbow harder than u should? lol
just go ask ur doctor

I wouldnt take a chance with it
Go to the hospital

SLP fanatic
call you doctor. that sounded cliche. sorry. you may have dislocated it. or go onto that website webmd.com

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