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I have this like grinding noise in my neck& when I move i can hear it & it can be sore at times ...any help.?

john e russo md
The trapezius muscle in the neck is the most problematic in the body and discomfort is quite common. This muscle attaches to the back of the skull, travels down the neck and out to the shoulders, and then down to the center of the back at about the level of the 7th thoracic vertebra. Thus the trapezius has a shape similar to a 'diamond' and this is one of the problems. The fibers of the trapezius muscle are not so much straight as they are spiralled. If you twist a rubber band it makes a beautiful spiral and then with the next turn it collapses is a mass of knots. The trapezius muscle behaves in a similar fashion and as the fibers must not simply be stretched but uncoiled muscle tightness quickly becomes a chronic problem. The grinding noise that you hear is 'good' not bad as it is the sound of the fibers being stretched. This is similar to plucking the string of an instrument. The discomfort that you feel is not due to the stretching of the fibers but rather the tightness of the remaining fibers. I exercise my neck many times daily to minimize this problem and typing as I am now tends to make it worse. I know from experience how common this is and how difficult it is to treat so I certainly wish you the very best.

my necks like that too. i read a few years ago that the grinding kind of noise can be caused by little bubbes of calcium popping. and as for the discomfort, a massage usually sorts mine out although it'll be back to normal within a couple of days

go to a doctor as soon as you can for all you know it could be something really serious so doctors/hospital asap

you need to go to your doctor and get cat scans done on your neck, i have 2 herniated discs in my neck, although i never heard grinding yours may be worse, and then it could be something else. call your doctor.

When ever there is unequal muscle tension there will be excessive pressure on the facets of the vertebra.. in this instance, a grinding sensation as you describe. The inequality of muscle density on either side of the spine is indicative of a progression of structural changes of the entire spine. Becoming most noticeable (in your case) the cervical spine.

I am sure (if you want to check other obvious alterations of the posture) you will find when lying down, the feet do not fall outward to a 45 degree angle. If you check some recent photos you will also see you have a tendency to lean your head slightly to one side. You may also find you stand mainly with weight on one leg rather than the other.

If you find these conditions present, feel free to contact me and we can go from there.

They call that Degenerative disc disease. The disc's between your vertabra wears away and when that happens, instead of vertabra disc vertabra, its bone rubbing on bone. the reason you can hear it is because its happening soo close to your ear. It sounds like 2 cinderblocks rubbing together. The pain gets worse as you get older but they have pills for that.

sounds like it might be a form of arthritis you should get the doctor check it out

Val G
It's all the little pockets of air moving round between the discs. You can go to a chiropractor and she/he will manipulate your neck to allow the air to escape. I do some gentle neck exercises to keep the grinding at a minimum.
1. Relax and put your chin onto your chest (or as near to it as you can without straining. Keeping as still as possible, move you chin very slowly towards your shoulder, keeping it in contact with your chest and once there attempt to look over your shoulder. But don't strain. This is a gentle movement. Then move it back to the centre, keeping it going to the other shoulder and try to look over that. Do this three times.

2. Starting in the centre, look straight ahead and gently turn your head to look as far to the left as you can (without straining) and then in one fluid movement, as far right as you can. Do this three times.

3. Head upright. Look straight ahead and hold the top of your head with your right hand. Tip your head gently to the right as far as you can (without straining), so that your right ear is as close to your shoulder as possible. Help you head back to it's original position (don't just let the muscles lift it on it's own. gently push it back into an upright position). Then do the same with the other hand in the other direction. Do both left and right head pulls twice.

4. Hands together held in front of you grasped in praying position, fingers interlocked. Put your chin down to you chest (as 1.), twist your clasped hands out in front of you and turn them so that your palms are stretched out facing away from you (fingers still interlocked). With you head down, stretch your arms forward as much as you can. Feel your shoulder blades stretch apart, and as that happens, you'll be able to lower your head even further.

Relax up to standing position and roll your shoulders slowly. First one way and then the other. Then just stand for a few seconds to relax.

After that I bend forward so that my upper torso is hanging loosely, my hands brushing the floor. The trick with this is to relax right through to your hips. After a few attempts (only do this once a day until you can actually feel yourself relaxing into the stretch) you'll feel (and hear) the air popping out of the nooks and crevices where it's been hiding. It's a fabulous feeling. Stand up very slowly and you'll feel wonderful.

Try them, but remember they are gentle exercises!! If you try to do them energetically, you'll do more damage than if you don't do them at all.

I hope they help.

Safety First
Sounds like arthritis.
I use Pilates techniques to alleviate similar problems.

steven e
could be spondulitis?

I would probably suggest that you see a chiropractor. I'm not an expert so wouldn't like to give you any further advice than that and unless someone else comes on here who is a specialist I wouldn't suggest taking their advice either. Many people may have suffered similar symptoms but not necessarily from the same cause so treatment may be different.

BTW. No offence to anyone else who gives advice here!

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