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I have extremely itchy nether regions. can anyone recomend a decent cream that will soothe it.?
i dont want to hear that its a std and need a scrape.i am certain it is sweat rash from where i drive 8-10 hours a day. you can imagine the dis-comfort. many thanx

Probably a fungal infection....
Any treatment for athletes foot Will clear it.

Oh and wash more you tramp.....

Try Gold Bond Medicated powder

Gold bond medicated powder Ive heard is great for the "nether regions" Also you may want to consider letting them get some air when you're at home.
As far as creams...there are a lot to choose from. Check your local pharmacy. I'm pretty sure they have creams specifically for jock itch.

jenna p
use canesten its what women se for thrush or vagisil, if you go into the chemist and buy it you will be ok they will just think you are buying it for someone else

Trevor159 I
baby power, it makes stuff dry(I use it while camping)

Steven B
I dont know about cream but perhaps you have changed your washing powder or conditioner recently.
Try a Non biological powder and a dermatologicaly tested conditioner.
Any cream with TeaTree oil in should help as well.

Gold Bond is cold and will make you miserable. My commuter man uses any kind of Cortizone Cream on his chaffe. And you could use some Shower to Shower powder on there after the shower. It is formulated to be gentle anywhere.

Good luck.

I would try any cream that says anti-fungal. Jock itch and other itchy skin conditions can be caused by candida albicans fungus. There is basic info regarding this at www.hufa.org - the yeast link.

☺Everybody still loves Chris!♥▼©
use talc
good ole johnsons
and try briefs

Try savlon or something - should soothe the itching. Wear looser boxers in future.

Nick F
This may sound very odd but try cornstarch. Can be bought in practically any grocery store, a lot cheaper than treatments you can buy around your pharmacy. I tried gold bond for a week with no result. Cornstarch cleared it in 2 days. The morning after there was a very noticeable difference. Hope that helps.

Emma Chizzett
Treat it as being Athletes Foot, because that's probably what it is, seeing as you're on your bott so much. Get some cream from the chemists and you'll soon know if that's what it is - you'll get INSTANT relief if that's all it is, and I really DO think that's all it'll be.

sounds like jock itch. the best thing for that is Lamisil. going to have to use it for about 10-14 days.


sue h
try Desitin, don't laugh it does help. Or try any anti-itch, or cortozone cream that you can get OTC at Walmart.------Like the others said wear boxers.-------Yes I have had that misfortune I Know the discomfort.------Good Luck

Any anti bacterial cream

See a fisherman. Sounds like you've got crabs mate!

sexy legs
canesten is good for what u are describing ... sweat rashes can turn bacterial (thrush like ) and this is why ur itching ...

good luck , ask ur pharmacist if u decide to go to the chemist , i am sure he will tell u the same

Matt B
Canesten, it controls the bacteria which causes a whole host of itching problems, from athletes foot, thrush and fungal nappy rash, I'm not suggesting that you have any of these but itching can be caused by an imbalance of these bacteria which are found naturally in the body but too many can cause problems, the cream is also moisturising and soothing, get it over the counter at a chemist, make sure you use it a few times a day to get on top of the problem and change your underwear a couple of times a day if you can as well as using something like baby wipes to keep the area clean - from the ex. ball scratcher

loopy lou
maybe you should wash more often and stop scratching yourself!

Try sudocrem(from most chemists) its not just for nappy rash but just spread a thin layer on, its very good cos it forms a moisture repellent barrier and is soothing, but if the skin is peeling too, it could be a fungal infection(fungus, for example thrush, loves warm moist places and is itchy). Tea tree oil used sparingly, is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and cooling once the sting goes!! But if u r not brave enough for that try the body lotion version u can get it from most chemists or health food shops and some beauty salons have it too. If u think it is thrush, cut out the very sugary things you might eat like choc bars, cakes and bikkies cos it feeds off the sugars in your system, even from fruit! Thrush isn't an STD it lives normally in your gut but if u get out of sorts or stressed it can grow elsewhere. Hope this helps.
PS. U can get tea tree liquid soap as well.

cell the man yeah
hi there sorry to hear this but there are a few creams that will work for you. first of all if its itchy try canesten cream. wome use it for thrush but again it sounds like that is what you have. if not or if your too embarrasses to get it from chemist, try sudocreme. nappy rash cream that works just as well. try changing to different underwear. loose fitting boxers or cotton ones in stead and dont stay sat down. alternatively have a bath and dry and put talc on affected area. one of these should help.sweat will only make it worse take care, i hope it goes away soon

Try using sudocrem , that should sort it out , then you might want to think about using talc and wearing boxer shorts .


LANACANE is an anaesthetic cooling cream. The active ingredient is Benzocaine 3% w/w. It is formulated to provide fast relief from itching and irritation. Benzocaine works on the skin surface to anaesthetise skin cells, to stop itching and irritation fast and eliminate the urge to scratch.

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