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I have a Band-Aid Stuck to my leg hair. How do I get it off without Severe pain?

new lithium user
you could soak your leg in warm water until the glue of the band-aid melts away. After that it should be quite painless to remove the band-aid.

pain is relative =meaning we all feel it at a different level. yank it off quickly or jump in the shower and pull it off after it's wet.

Mrs.Nick Jonas. i love him
get in the tub and just soke you're lag for two or three minutes and pull it off in the water. when you get out you might feel a slight pain. just dry off and if it's beelding than when you're leg is dry. put some tolet paper on it and then after like two or three minutes put some neosporen on ift ot keep it from getting infected. that would not be good to have it infected.

Lessen the pain when removing a bandage by applying a warm compress. Or spread baby oil or vegetable oil over and around the bandage with a cotton ball. The oil will also remove the adhesive left on the skin.

Top Cat
one quick pull, do it slowly and lasts longer

Answering for fun
take a hot bath, it will get more slimy than sticky and slide off.

For God's sake....Man up and rip that thing off....

pull it off really fast

Pour some baby oil on it let is set and it will come off easy.

Or you could use goo-gone, but the baby oil is nicer.

this is what you do and it will only take a few seconds count 1 2 3 and rip it off as fast as you can and you will only feel pain for a second or it might be so fast u wont feel it

texas rose
Soak it in the tub or shower, it should loosen right up.

soak in a warm bath for awhile..add some bubbles light some candles make it fun lol...it should soften up the adhesive on the band-aid and make it much less painful...good luck!

Avon Skin So Soft will disolve the sticky part and it will come off much easier.

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