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 Why do dr.'s make patients feel guilty about needing pain medication?
My dr. was prescribing my lortab 5s for months and then all of a sudden this month said she wasn't going to prescribe them any longer. She sent the message through a nurse- now I feel guilty, ...

 I have pain in the back of my heel. Does anyone know what could be causing it?
The pain is on the back of my right heel. When it bothers me my heel on the back feels bruised. It also looks like there could be some inflamation there. I hurt my achilles tendon hiking about 9 ...

 What are heel spurs?

 What's your best method of getting rid of cramps?
Sometimes my cramps are so extreme when the midol doesn't kick in right away. What's your method of surpressing them? I eat a banana, potassium is good for cramps and put a hot water bottle ...

 What kinds of things do you do when you feel bad physically to ease the pain and stress?
Is it better to read or sleep? Is it better to shower or take a long soaking bath? Is it better to eat or just drink water?...

 How many pills is too many pills to take?
ive taken a total of 1000 mg of naprosyn, 2 bayer 350 mg each, and im still in mad back pain (scholosis surgery some years back)

i have vicodin but im not sure if i should take that. It ...

 Has anyone actually pulled out of deep depression & now have a normal life?
Lately I have givin up on ever being better. I used to be able to put on make up on, take a pain pill and go out smiling. People I think are unawear of my health issues..
I can't even do ...

 Ouch my legs!?!?
my leg muscles are really sore, what is the best way to soothe my muscles? It can't hurt and can not have to do with an icey hot patch!...

 I slept in my bra (had a wire in it)?
it hurt after I woke up and now my legs and back are all tingly do you think the two are ...

 Headaches. Has anyone ever experienced a headache to where the back of your head/neck area is sore to touch?
I have a headache in the front of my forehead also.
Additional Details
I think it is stress too. It came on when I had to go to my family's house for thanksgiving....

 Could you please rub my?
Neck it hurt's.Is there anything I can do for you?...

 How can you prevent migraines?
My girlfriend gets them really badly and we can't figure out why. Any ideas?...

 I have a sharp pain on my face?
its hard to discride but i've had it for 3 days now..it only on my left side its right near my eye but more on my cheek bone... it doesn't feel like its from a tooth.. it like pinches and ...

 Pain from bruised ribs?
I fell in the shower on Thursday and broke te door and thought I was okay. I woke up at 3am sat/sun morning in the most severe pain I've ever had in my life (other than when I had open heart ...

 Why do I cramp under my right rib cage when I jog?
it's the point where my rib cage and bottom sternum meet. thanks....

 Tattoo pain...unbearable?
what if the tattoo pain is unbearable and someone can't take the pain no matter how ready they were to get it? because Im getting my first tatt done soon and I was just curious.....

 How can I treat a pinched/compressed nerve in my lower back(sciatica)?
I have extreme sharp pain in my lower right back, and the pain shoots down my leg into my knee aswell.

What should I do? Are there any treatments or should i see a doctor or a physio?...

 Ear infection-Ear ache- Or Something Dental related, Need Help! please.?
Ok, First off i cant afford To go see a doc at the moment. Thats why im trying to figure this out my self-- so please keep the negitive comments to yourself. thx.

If anyone has any idea-...

 It feel like an elephant is standing on my chest and the pain is radiating down my left arm. What should I do?
I would go to the doctor, but I can't stop messing around on Yahoo Answers.

What should I do?...

 Don't laugh, I've got big ears, I sleep on my side, every night I get extreme pain.?
So much pain I can't lift my head from the pillow cause the release pressure is too painful. I've just come to relalise the importance of a decent bed, seems I have another 40 odd years of ...

I get sharp pains in my fingers, what could it be?
I've had it for a couple of months now. Not all the time, but sometimes it is. I find it's worse when it's cold and damp. What can I do about it?

its probably down to the fact u keep slamming a hammer down on them

Arthritis.... Stop cracking your knuckles

Kylie M
trapped nerves! pretty simpel to sort out! go to gp and explain it! also cna be stress related

Arthritis maybe, if it continues see your doc.

nosy old lady
Sounds mighty like arthritus to me.

it can be many things from arthritis to a pinched nerve...get it checked out...

See a doctor, i had problems with my knees and i use omega 3 and flaxseed oil and i've never looked back, brilliant stuff, but check with your gp first.

It could be repetitive strain injury! You could get it from typing or if you have a job that invloves using your hands and fingers a lot! I have it! Ibuleve is really good for it! Its like a gel that you apply to your hands or anywhere else you have pains! You can get it in most chemists! Its even advertised on the tele!

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