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I get severe leg cramps (calves, hamstrings) while sleeping at night.?
The cramps are so bad, I have to get up and walk them off. I sometimes see how twisted my muscles are in my calve..these really, really hurt. I drink a lot of coffee and diet pop, and probably not enough water, but any suggestions would be great.

quinine can also work for this, as can Requip. Both of these meds are Rx, so you should see your doc and ask about it.

You need more potassium eat some extra bananas

Doc. justasinner111
try one teaspoon of salt in your diet today.

I was told by a doctor its usually a sign of needing more calcium in your body. I started taking calcium pills and it went away. I might add I had a job where I stood for hours on cement floors. They also make pills for leg cramps that take care of the problem , its an over the counter pill. But if by chance its a need for calcium, which is quite possible, then you really should start taking calcium pills, can't hurt a thing, only help.

my husband gets them bad as well
he has to walk them off very pain full
his doc suggested Quinine pills or tonic water
do the pills because the tonic water is nasty
unfortunately they did not work for him
but maybe the will work for you
best of luck
they are called Nocturnal cramps
no one seems to know what causes them

i thought poor circulation but that was not the case
drink lots of water too

ken's princess
first of all you might not be eating enough bananas, they have alot of potassium and that keeps cramps down out of your lower legs. Even the football players eat bananas before the games at the pre-game lunchs because it keeps them from cramping up at the game. also try stretching more before you go to bed at nite, that will help and keep a bottle of water next to your bed as well. trust me, i don't drink alot of water, but putting some bottled water beside my bed keeps just enough water in my system so i won't be dehydrated.

Try eating a bannana you have a lack of potassium and also can be a lack of calcium. Drink more water and less soda and caffine. You can also drink orange juice.

Jessica S.
This happens to me too. I never walk it out tho I just....well, put pillows over and under my leg, because My legs are always uncomfortable when I go to sleep. I always have to rub them or put pillows over them. I hate this happening to others but, even sometimes when I am walking and they start hurting I start limping. I hope that this answer really helps.

Vox Populi Vox Dei
ok this used too happen to me all the time and i used to cry every night and this is what i did to stop it:

*eat bananas (seriously potasium will stop the cramps)
*prop your legs up on a pillow (works like a charm)
*don't over exercise (sometimes if you run or bicycle it will cause cramps)
*drink plenty or water during the day
....and don't forget the bananas or potasium supplement!!!

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