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what do u do if u accidently get ur appendix stuck in a toaster??!?.
Additional Details
ahhhhh!!!! it hurts!!!!!...

 Why does the bottom of my spine hurt every morning these days?
when i go raving it hurts live this in the mornigs,
but i have been raving ,
so why does it hurt so bad, even if i have a quick nap, it starts to hurt more,
i dont want to start ...

 How do you get rid of a headache?
I've been getting these dread full headaches through out this month and i don't know how to get rid of them. I've tried having paracetamol but it don't work. I've been to the ...

 Sciatica - what do you think?
hi, i have sciatica (as ive said in some other questions)
can sciatica be caused by growing or a rapid growth spert,
ive had the symptoms (shooting pain in hip thigh area) since around 15 ...

 HELP with restless leg syndrome...!!!?
I'm pretty sure I have restless leg syndrome, and it gets really bad when I lay down to sleep so it's been causing insomnia...problem is, I don't have a doc's appointment until T...

 Pain in the left side of stomach?
Lately I have been having pain mainly in the left side of my stomach. I've noticed that it only tends to happen on the days I wake up early and go to college.

For example, this ...

 Night cramps any ideas mainly at night around the ankle
i have tried walking on a cold floor it seems to make it ...

 Do I need to go to the emergency room or wait to go to the doctor tomorrow?
I'm having a horrible, horrible pain in my head around the back of my head, my forehead, and behind my eyes. It feels like someone has grabbed my eyes from the back and is squeezing them. It ...

 Can anyone tell me why my ankles swell all the time?
It's really painful i can push in the skin round my ankles and it stays squashed in for about 5 mins. My friend said it's to do with my heart, I am 40yrs old. Any suggestions?

I ...

 What should I do?
I am 14 years old and I sprained my wrist and I am currently using an ace bandage. It provides ligth support but It isn't really helping with the pain, because whenever I turn it,move it or even ...

 I fell like crap?
My brother is sick. Now I just woke up 4 school and my head hurts,my nose hurts,everything hurts Make me fell better.
Additional Details
My mom is leting me stay home so ...

 What could chronic back pain mean (for a 34yo woman)? I've never really had back pain before until now. My
back has been hurting for a month now off and on. No injuries or strain I can recall. It's my lower middle back and mid back....

Yes,tormenting of heartburn.
About 2 years ago I began getting daily heartburn.At that time I was taking alot of tylenol 3's if that was a reason?who knows,anyway I have dam heartburn ...

 23 regular advils in less than 24hrs?
First off, no I'm not suicidal.
Second off I took about 23 regular advil pills in less than 24 hours (hence the question name) and I passed out. I took about 6 in 4 hours and the rest in ...

 What do growing pains feel like?
The physical ones, not the emotional ones....

 How do you deal with your Chronic Pain?
I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) also referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). I'm 14 (almost 15), and have had this very painful disease for a little over a year and a ...

 What are the best knee ache medicine available?

 Tylenol 3...help?
I have recently gotten knee surgery and I have to take Tylenol 3...but it makes my stomach hurt. I've tried to take it with food, but it still hurts. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced ...

 Is there any way to relieve pain while getting blood drawn? I have a dr`s appt tomorrow?
My first pregnancy check ...

 How do i get rid of thise headache?
I been having this headache for weeks now. It seems like it wont go away. Its like my head hurts everytime i shake my head. ALso my neck hurts too..Anyone have any advise that will help me get rid of ...

I am waking up almost every morning with a headache, any ideas why?
I very rarely drink alcohol and get at least 8 hours of sleep but I wake up most every morning with a headache. Sometimes they go away within the first hour or so and then sometimes they linger all day. Although I say I get 8 hours of sleep I'm a light sleeper and my sleep is interupted probably 4 times a night (kids waking up and trips to the bathroom). I don't know what the deal is but am tired of dealing with the headaches.

You might need a new pillow. You can pinche a nerve if the pillow is too soft or too plump.

Sounds like a new pillow is order, as well as, deeper sleep cycles so that you can get fully rested. The muscles in your neck and shoulders get tired and start to tense sending tension up and over your head, causing the headache. I would suggest taking Valerian root, it will help you sleep deeper and also relax those muscles. The deal is, you are overtired and your muscles are screaming "let me get some damn rest!" Try putting a heating pad at your upper back/neck area............feels wonderful. Also, there is a spot on the back of your head,right where your neck and head connect.There's kind of a dip there(on me anyway),press in a circular motion,rubbing for a few minutes. You will actually feel the sinus cavity draining when you have hit the right spot. Good luck.

Do you have allergies?
It could be sinusitis or a sinus infection. Is it in your face like it's going to explode from pressure?
How long has t been going on for? Any other symptoms?
You could try running an air purifier in your bedroom and drink my water and see if that helps.
Maybe it could be something you're eating or drinking. I have reactions to an artificial sweetener in yogurts and some very common drinks and I get headaches, migraines, and even throw up from depending on how much I consume (which I try my hardest not to consume it). I try to consume as little processed foods as possible and staying away from stuff I know is not good from me. Just a thought.
Have you changed anything in your environment or diet recently?

Riddle me This!
I've had this same problem. I changed my pillow and that helped. If you have neck or back pains when you wake up it is most likely your pillow, bed, or the position you sleep in.
Also, what do you do during the day? I set in front of a computer monitor... I get headaches related to my eyes that sometimes that can last all night.
Other than that, you may want to go see your doctor.

Check for high blood pressure -soon.

See a doctor, it may be serious or nothing at all. or carbon monioxide.

You may be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. Your dentist can usually tell if thats happening

That could be a lot of different things: teeth-grinding, neck or back problems (most headache's originate in the neck or face), tension, dehydration, or something more serious. Definitely get to a doctor, but don't let them prescribe anything until you are confident of the cause--it is a nightmare trying to sort out the original problem from prescription drug side-effects.

There could be a number of reasons why you could be having a headache. The most probable reason though is: Headaches that are present when you wake up in the morning or get up from a nap may be caused by bruxism or clenching and grinding teeth during sleep.

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