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I'm bleeding from the bum again~~?
Mkay so about 4 months ago I mentioned a question on here about extreme (extreme!!) pain in my bum while poopin'. Hurt so much I had to clench my teeth to keep from shouting about it. Can't move either. The poop didn't hurt, but rather my -bum- hurt, it's difficult to explain. That doesn't really happen too often, though. Once a month, if that.

But now for the past several poops I've been bleedin' with them. They don't hurt at all, and are soft to pass. No strain on my end just poop. :P Kind of alarming, and embarrasing to think I may have a hemorriod. What do you think?

What causes those damn things anyways?

Could be a hemorrhoid or something else.Anytime there is bleeding from the rectum a Doctor should be seen.

It's probably hard poops that caused a hemorroid that caused all this. It takes time to heal so it doesn't bleed or hurt. You should probably be using medicine for the pain and make sure you eat lots of fiber so it doesn't happen again. Or it could be a little tare called a fisher I believe and it will take a long time to heal and is very painful each time you poop. Either way make sure your poop is soft for a long time so things can heal and if it keeps up you can see a Dr. who can give pain medicine you can put back there that is much better then the over the counter stuff. It's a long process so I would get the best pain medicine I could be seeing a Dr. Switch to all wheat bread/products and soft food for a long time, even using fiber suppliments so it heals. Once this happens you will have to prevent this from happening again and again. I know it's embarrassing but most people go through this at some time and Dr.'s deal with this all the time!

Go see a doctor.

Don G
The symptoms are definitely those of an internal hemorrhoid, but you need to see your doctor to make absolutely sure. In most cases, your doctor will send you to a specialist and he'll put (no kidding) a rubber band around the hemorrhoid. That will deprive it of blood and it will eventually die and slough off when you move your bowels (along with the rubber band). Normally, surgery is not needed for a solitary hemorrhoid.

You're right..you might have hemorroids and another thing is...You might have an ulcer if its associated with abdominal pain.... This is dangerous... You should really consider seeing a doctor about these symptoms ans maybe get a colonoscopy or endoscopy done to be certain.

Intense straining causes hemorroids to drop from your rectum (most pregnant women, and heavy lifters get them), and there are other causes as well.

There are several possibile reasons for your hemorraging. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you don't have a doctor, go to the emergency room. The longer you go without getting the help you need, the worst your condition will get.

I hope you feel better soon.

Not to scare u or anything, but this could be serious. It could be signs of early colon cancer. there could be a small tumor in ur intestine, and so when the 'poop' passes by, it tears at it causing it to bleed, which u happened to notice. Its not anything to be embarrased about, its medicine!:) . I advise u to see a doctor as soon as possible. U might be asked to give a stool sample, which they analyse and find the exact cause.
U also could bleed if u eat alot of spicy food.
Of course all of the above are guesses, but go to the doctor just to be sure. Good Luck!

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