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Kate D
How to stop ear wax building up?
I recently had a bad problem with the amount of wax in my ears. I had never had this problem before as I am quite young, but the wax had built up so much that I couldnt hear hardly anything for a few days. I went to the doctors and got my ears syringed and it worked really well and I could hear everything perfectly. However I am now worried because after I have a shower or bath I feel like the wax is building up again and my hearing is getting worse. What is the best way to prevent the wax building up? I used to use cotton buds but my doctor told me they were bad because they push the wax further in. Is there anything else I can do to stop this problem coming back?

da goddess
apply hot packs to your ear for 5mins at a time

You don't! You acually need it, it 'lubricates' your hearing system. Just see the doctor once a year to have it cleaned out.

clean your ears?

Not that I know of. We all make ear wax, some people more than others. Just make a practice of having them cleaned regularly.

If there is a history of hearing loss in your family, it might happen you you also.

Good Luck.

K2 Snowboarding

King of Kings!
Q-tips or Some type oil used for ear wax build up try wal mart

i have heard of ear drops and ear candling, your doctor should give you those. other wise you can buy the ear candles from an organic shop.

The wax that our ears produce may build up in the ear canal or the wall of the cochlea, hindering the free swings of the cilia. When the cilia cannot detect and translate external stimuli via the auditory nerve it could be due to excess wax, no impulses precede to the brain. This means that the brain will have nothing to translate into sounds; in that manner your hearing ability is impaired.

The amount of ear wax people produce varies. Some people produce more ear wax than others. When there is excessive ear wax, it can proceed to block the hearing nerve, thus preventing the transmission of impulses from the cilia to the brain. Your hearing ability may be reduced and/or your tinnitus becomes louder. The slab of wax may create its own sound, confusing the brain which the brain misinterprets as sound.

Excessive ear wax must be removed by a qualified physician or an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist). If you try to remove ear wax on your own, you may damage your cochlea by whatever object you insert into your ear.

They do have earwax drops that you can buy over the counter. You can also flush you rears out home. There is a bulb you can buy in the Infants department. Hospitals use them to clean out newborns mouths and nostrils. If you fill one of those up with warm water a couple times for each ear. It should push the wax right out.

I have the same problem and I have had tons of dr's tell me not to use cotton swabs but you have to. You will end up having more problems if you don't. I hope I helped you out Good luck

well i think you should just clean your ears everyday.
go with Q-tips and wash them out with a warm wash.

Ear candling.

There are ear cleaning kits that you can get at any drugstore. It's the same kind of cleaning technique used at the doctors office, but a lot cheaper and more convenient.

just another girl
i have the same problem.. ive found that sometimes getting my ears cleaned with the syringe makes it worse.. some times the doctors will give you ear drops.. they help

Try putting a couple drops of baby oil in each ear every night. it will eventually loosen it up and it will fall out.

Clean your ears every day, it's the best solution. And if the problem continues, perhaps a medicated daily drop would help prevent an increased build up. If you use a good quality solid ended q tip right (not pushing, just swirling and not going down into your ear canal like so many do) it shouldn't push it down. Try sleeping on your back as well, sleeping on one side or the other allows the natural build of wax to settle father in one ear regularly.

Debrox drops. Best stuff in the world.

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