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How much water can you drink to flush hydrocodone out if you take about 3 aday?

What for water intoxication...can kill you. Upsets the chemical balance in your body. My advice don't take it.

Just drink the normal 8 glasses a day for your health and you will be fine. I get migraines and at times I take 6-8 per day and I am fine.

hydro will most likely not show up on a drug test. the most common drug tests only check for the "nida 5" marijuana cocaine PCP amphetamines and opiates. by opiates they mean only codeine morphine 6-acetyl-morphine and Meperidine. hydro does not metabolize into any of these so most likely you will pass a drug test even if you are high at the time. they can do an extended test that would catch it but it is not very likely.

Drinking water in any amount will not flush out narcotics.

Kimberly H
Why are you taking 3 a day?, Do you suffer from constant pain? or is it just for fun? Sorry your question was about flushing it out, ( I presume for a drug test), If it is just a urine test, lay off the pills for a couple of days, and drink water, if it's a blood, or hair sample, it would show up much longer, a urine test will only show recent drugs.

Reva P
If you're takng these by prescription, then it doesn't matter that you have in your system as long as you are compliant.

If you're not taking these by prescription, then not only do you have a problem, but you're creating major problems for everyone who has a legitimate medical need for them. In that case, see your doctor about getting help.

I take this medication for my back. Also,My husband is a Corporate Safety Director. The biggest part of his job requires drug testing. You nor anyone else can flush Vicodin out of your system.

Haha. No amount of water is going to "flush out" hydrocodone. It is in your bloodstream. I am not sure how long it will show up in your urine, but no amount of water will get that out.

i'm a probation officer and i have done numerous drug tests and lots of research on drug testing there is no way to completely flush it out of ur system... u have to completely stop taking it then u have to let it run it's course through your body which can last up to 6 weeks.. granted if you do drink more water (10-12 8 oz glasses of water a day) it will flush ito ut of ur system faster... if ur trying to pass a drug test good luck because even if u buy the over the counter detox kits most drug testing agencies test for those now too.. ur best bet is to stop taking them and hold off on taking a drug test for as long as possible..

You can't flush it out with water.

Water will help a little. But I would not drink more than 64-100 ounces of water in a day. And you need to spread it out throughout the day to avoid water poisoning.

I know you don't want to hear this, but the best thing to do is not take narcotics.

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