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How long do pins and screws used to repair bones last?
I dislocated my left femur from the hi[ socket and fractured my acetabulum. Pins and screws were installed in 1981. My sciatic nerve was damaged ( peroneal branch) and I have drop foot syndrome. I have had a lot more pain the last few years- I am 48 now. I am wondering what I can do to ease the pain-it is getting intense and really effecting my daily living.

i just got a screw in my leg a couple weeks ago! coincidence ha. take anti-inflammatories like tylenol. or maybe you ahve an additional problem and need to see a specialist, they might give you percocet or something to ease the pain.

Exercise Daily. Take some sort of medicine for your pain. Stay active. Ice daily 30 on 30 off for 2 hours. Take some sort of yoga class where you strech out your body. That should work!

I have a titanium screws/plate in my wrist- I hope forever.

you have to see your physician to discuss several options, this isnt something anyone could answer on the web

Diane A
Titanium--lasts well into the next millennium...but they could migrate and cause pain, or you could be developing arthritis, bone spurs and cartilage loss in the joint. Some new imaging studies could help answer some questions.

I have three screws still in my shoulder from 10 years ago. They told me I would have problems with it later on in my life. It might be time to check into it a little further with an orthopod. Good Luck!

go see a doctor, sometime screws and pins are only temporary until the damage heals, if these were supposed to be permanant your doctor would have gone over possible issues with you years ago. You may also need pain management.

life time

my grandpa got his plates in his shoulder in 2001 and there are fine, also he had a hip replacement it 2003 and it is fine also, so i would say quite a while.

Metal pins and screws do not dissolve in the body. They are usually made of stainless surgical grade steel or titanium. Thus they are rust-proof, and do not degrade. The idea behind steel hardware is to hold broken bones in place, sometimes allowing bone to grow on/around them. If they were not removed a few months after they were inserted, then they will be there when some future race unearths your skeleton in a few million years.

What you can do is go to your orthopaedic surgeon and tell him/her that you have the pins and that they are starting to really irritate the ever-loving frak out of you, and if there is anything more modern that medicine can do for you. In the meantime do as others have suggested and take some high-grade ibuprofen. Keep yourself mobile. I know that bone-joint conditions are made worse by inactivity.

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