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Sandra C
How long do pain pills stay in your system if you just took one?

Scott K
It depends on what it was and what is meant by still in your system. Most pain pills have worn off in 4 hrs., but they will remain in your system for up to 48 hours.

About 4 hours

Waynes Angel
depends on the kind it is some 4 hrs some 12 hrs and some 24 hrs

8 to 12 hours, depends what kind you took.

I think you mean how long will the effects of the medication remain.

The chemicals themselves can remain for a considerable time. That is why drug testing through hair samples is effective.

The effects on pain though are relatively short. Generally a maximum of 4-6 hours depending on the dose, type and your body size. There are some newer pain meds that are time release now and they can mask certain types of pain for up to 48 hours but those are the exception and not readily available, and by prescription only.

Depends on your size, how much you took, and how you metabolize medication.

these estimates seem to be more for hydrocodone(vicodin,lortab) if you took something stronger and youre trying to pass a drug test maybe for oxycontin it may be up to 3 days percocets usually the next day or day after these are all just estimates they vary on how much you took how long youve been taking it and yes even your weight(i problay forgot a few roxicet is between the two) and these are opiate pain killers im not to sure for the others like morphine why do you need to know

The instructions on the pill bottle should tell that. If the prescription was written as "take one every six to eight hours" that means, you should not ingest anymore during that timeframe.
And that means other pain meds too. Do not mix your pain meds unless they are prescribed to be taken together.
The six to eight hour rule (or whatever is written on the bottle) can vary from person to person depending on body weight. What lasts that long for a 120 lb. woman, might not be strong enough for a 150 lb. woman, but doctors take that into consideration when assigning the dosage and strength.

Depending on the type of pain pill or the "half-life" of the chemical in the pill it's hard to give a general answer. If you look online with the specific name of your pain medication you can find the answer.

depending on what kind...how often does it say on the bottle say to take them? if its every 6 hrs then they will probably stay in your system about 7-8 but it really depends on the med's and on the person.

Richard H
depends on the kind and the dosage - if it's a 5 mg it will stay a lot shorter than a 100 mg pill.

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