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How do pain killers work?
How does it solve a headaches, toothache etc? is the pain still ther but something in the brain says it isnt??

Look at this website:



It kills pain
(1) you will feel like it burns your wound
(2) then your wound will feel better (not much pain)

thats all :)

It depend upon the pain killer - there are four main groupings
NSAIDS - asprin, ibuprofen etc - they work by healing the inflammation (injury) that is causing the pain, they also temporarily lower fevers.
Steroids - cortisone - They work by direcly healing the injury, these are long term (several months) and when you are healed you do not hurt
Opiates - codeine, morphiene, etc - these depress the central nervous system (interfere with the pain signal in the brain and in the nerve bundles)
Odd drugs - LSD, mesceline - these are alkaloids that cause you to hallucinate and noone really knows how they stop the pain but they are the most effective pain killers but the side effects can be permanent, and are very damaging

Makes your body numb but still controllable so you cant feel pain

Dull nerve ending.

OK, Forget the technicality because other people covered it.

If you have a paper cut. The signal has to travel from your finger to your brain. You can block this signal in your finger, your brain or any where in between. Get it?

Most decent painkillers partially block or reduce the effectiveness of the signal from the nerves pain receptors to the brain.

All I know is usually the pain I am treating usually goes away and I am not going to give myself another headache trying to find out how it works I just know it does!
Good enough for me!

It depends on which medication you are talking about.

Nonsteriodal antiinflamatory medications, or NSAIDS, (ibuprofen, aleve, celebrex) work by inhibiting an enzyme called cyclooxygenase (COX). There are two forms, COX-1 and COX-2. By inhibiting this enzyme, you prevent many of the pro inflamatory substances (thromboxanes, leukotrienes, and prostaglandins) from being produced. Unfortunately, you also inhibit the normal physiologic processes that these substances produce.

Opioid medications (morphine, dilaudid, hydrocodone, etc.) work by binding to opioid receptors. There are several subtypes of receptors including mu, kappa, delta, sigma, and epsilon. Essentially, when the medicine binds the receptor, it causes changes within the cell to prevent the release of neurotransmitters that are responsible for the pain signal transmission.

Other adjuvant medications include antidepressant medications and anticonvulsant medication that work by various mechanisms.

Other medications such as muscle relaxants also work by various mechanisms in the brain.

The processes are very complex and very simplified here.

Dr Mike
It binds to what is called the mu receptor otherwise known as the opiod receptor, producing analgesia and sedation. It affects the central nervous system by preventing neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters tell the brain that the body is in pain. The pain is the bodies way of saying that damage has been done and needs to be addressed. By taking the pain killer, you are blocking the pain that is otherwise still there. Hope that helps.

I've never actually considered it...so I just did a quick search lol:

Something about blocking certain chemicals apparently!

Josh T
they block pain receptors often with endorphins. In other words, the stimuli never reach the nerve because the place where communication takes place is being blocked by something. It's like nailing a board over a mail box- you can't get mail. Other side-effects also occur, such as lowered blood pressure, etc. which allows pills to be addictive.

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